Polar Bear Fun, Banana Cat, and Top Status Posts

Burning hot topics on Facebook…

Top Status Posts This Week:

  1. When it comes to returning emails, I only have two speeds: within 3 seconds or within 3 months. ( 100K+ Statuses: Funny Status 2  5★ Ratings)
  2. There’s always that one person you regret giving your number to.
  3. Spongebob: “Can you hear me?” Patrick: “No, it’s to dark.”
  4. I am clearly no match for your level of stupid.
  5. That awkward moment when you gently throw your phone onto your bed and it decides to bounce off 3 walls, hit a lamp, and kill a cat.
  6. There are the same number of people on Facebook today as there were people in the whole world in 1804.
  7. Answering the phone with a blast from an air horn sure has decreased the number of unwanted incoming calls considerably.
  8. We’re all just nudists in disguise. (Source: Funny Status Update Fan Page )
  9. Thom Yorke emoticon: ‘__ –
  10. When girls have a great night out, they talk about it for months. When guys have a great night out, that night will never be spoken of.
  11. I forgot that my one friend was a vegan because he went a whole conversation without mentioning it.
  12. The saddest people in the world always seem to be the nicest.
  13. Kids, try dealing with bullies the way I did: Grow up to be smarter, wealthier and better looking than them and then add them on Facebook.
  14. I’ve yet to be intimidated by a fancy wine list thanks to my vast knowledge of fine wines and my eeny, meeny, miny, moe system.
  15. I think it’s about time Taylor Swift wrote a song and called it “Maybe I am The Problem”.  (VIA Twitter: @FreeFunnyStuff ) 
  16. There’s a difference between who we love, who we settle for, and who we’re meant for.

Banana Cat:

Cute kitty in a Banana.

Polar Bear Tries to Eat Dog:


We all run into glass walls, in life 🙂 Repost this video for instant likes, comments, and good times.

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