SPOTTED: Real Celebrities on Facebook


This is a question that we get pretty often…

Are Celebrities on Facebook?

YES! Just like you and me, celebrities are on Facebook. Don’t go searching Facebook for Justin Bieber just yet! There are a couple things you should understand about Facebook Celebrities.

Unfortunately most (major) celebrities don’t have a public Facebook profile where they are actually interacting with their fans.  Typically the celebrity will have a Fan Page run by their Public Relations company.  This “PR” company is doing the grunt work of interacting with fans.  Many also do this for Twitter. It’s not because they don’t love you.  Rather, they just don’t have time to respond/interact with their fans and want to keep a good public face.

Charlie Sheen Facebook

Good News: Celebrities often do have Facebook Profiles | Bad News: They Don’t Use Their Real Names

The dirty little secret is that most celebrities DO have Facebook profile pages but, they often go by a fake moniker. Or, they’ll use a friends Facebook profile to interact with their inner social circles. There are a couple of reasons why they do this…

  1. The 5,000 Friend Cap – Even most low level celebrities would quickly reach this.
  2. Private Life is Private – The like to keep their private lives relatively low key when possible.
  3. Celebrities are People too – They enjoy the simple things just like you, Facebook is one of those things.

Now, the question is… how do you find out what “secret” false name a celebrity is using?  Stalker Much??!? Just Kidding! Sometimes we want to know this information, just to verify they’re somewhat normal.

SECRET Celebrity Facebook BlackLists

It’s rumored that secret “celebrity Facebook black lists” exist which are distributed amongst Hollywood royalty detailing who’s who in this secret Facebook underground. If one was to get ahold of said list you could figure out the names of these uber-celebs but, it’s doubtful they’d accept your obscure friend request.  And, it’s quite doubtful that they’d forget to enable their privacy options. If you’re caught giving out the list, you’ll be forever banished from the celeb circle.  Don’t have the BLACK LIST and you still want to find some Facebook Celebs?

Guide to Finding Facebook Celebrities

  1. Visit a celebrity’s official website and you may find a link to their Facebook profile, Myspace, or twitter page. If there isn’t a link, send a message. You may have to establish an account, but chances are good that if the celebrity has a Facebook or other network account, you will be sent the link.
  2. While it is a hassle to do random searches, scrolling through real celebrities’ friends will net you better luck. This is obviously no guarantee since celebrities may unwittingly accept impersonators as well. However, celebrities do have personal friends who are celebrities.
  3. Suspicious posts may have just stock photos (none personal), or family photos taken while the celebrity is unaware (such as from across the street). Home pictures of themselves and other family members lean more toward legitimacy. Some celebrities will share personal photos of their families or them hanging out on the set with their co-stars. On the other hand, anyone can post a couple of stock photos or cut and paste from a magazine. Trust your instinct.
  4. Real celebrities often have family members as friends. If you check their family members’ friends, you may not see any celebrities listed among them. This is a good indicator that it is the celebrity’s official profile page.
  5. Celebrities are often members of real groups that advocate change of some kind. You can connect with them by visiting these pages; but DO NOT follow a link from any celebrity’s profile page. Investigate links before visiting.
  6. Celebrity names that are misspelled could be those of impostors. Facebook states that “Only the official representative of a public figure, brand, or organization is permitted to create a Facebook Page.” And that they “block a variety of page title terms to prevent the creation of fake, unauthorized, or otherwise abusive pages.” So the misspelled names may be a way of getting around this warning.
  7. Once you are friends with a real celebrity, be brief, respectful and tasteful when posting. Don’t stalk, or annoy or be otherwise overbearing. Enjoy having your celebrity friends respond to your posts or even post something on your wall.
  8. Visit websites like and for their listings of legitimate profile pages.

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