31 Gym Memes to Scroll for Today’s Thumb Workout

Exercising and eating right is definitely not an easy commitment for most of us. Making a change in the way you live your daily life is a mega challenge, and it can be difficult to stay motivated. Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, a few laughs along the way will help! Here are our favorite gym memes to lighten the mood on your heaviest workout days.

1. Once you’ve experienced this, it’s a whole new level of confidence.

2. You’re hired.

3. Still, lifting is lifting and you should feel good about yourself!

4. The StairMaster always makes me question my will to live.

5. You wanna go to Olive Garden? Don’t mind if I dooooo

6. It happens to the best of us.

7. True story.

8. I got that thing at that place, I shouldn’t get all sweaty because then I’ll smell and my hair would be gross and I don’t have any good running shoes and

9. If you’re wondering how to start a diet, this is actually a great rule of thumb.

10. Be flexible, but never give up!

11. I’ll just have one beer…HA!

12. our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name please TAKE THE WHEEL ON THIS ONE

13. I hope Barnes and Noble carries this book because I definitely need to read it.

14. I hope these 5 crunches and the protein shake do the trick!

15. this is an EMERGENCY

16. That’s how it always seems to be…

17. You wanna lose your muffin top? How about you drop 3 cup sizes instead? Sound good? No? Too bad.

18. Exactly why I will never watch a meat industry documentary.

19. I had a long day of sitting on my ass. I need a nap.

20. I’ll have a Diet Pizza Lite pls

21. Exercise is all about adapting it to fit your needs. Don’t tell me what to do.

22. I’ll take 12

23. *cries into chicken breast*

24. If you’re at the gym, GET OFF YOUR PHONE. You look dumb sitting on a machine and scrolling.

25. If you do this at the gym, you’re an asshole. No questions about it.

26. Nothing beats a post-workout high.

27. Pre-workout is the real-life equivalent to a Power Star in Super Mario.

28. I don’t even think I was imagining it!

29. Finally, some good news!

30. Stay hydrated!

31. Also applies to taking a hair tie out of your sweaty, mangled hair after a workout. Yikes.

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15 Coffee Memes to Look At While You Sip This Morning

Ah, coffee. I thought it was gross a mere 10 years ago, however, I just yesterday came to the discovery I drink at minimum a LITER of coffee every morning. Usually more. So, if anything, you could probably say I’m overqualified to write this article. A good cup of coffee is like a good meme: it makes you feel good, it brightens your day for even just a little bit, and if it’s really good, you share it with your friends… if they’re lucky.

1. Everything else has just been lucky. There’s only one thing keeping me alive.

2. Whisper your sweet nothings into my ear. I know you’re here for me.

3. Once I figure out a way to bong hot coffee, catch me on Shark Tank.

4. Ask any barista, because they will agree.

5. If you don’t look like you just ate a hot wing after your first sip, it’s not a strong enough pot of coffee.

6. A bit dated, but still a clever way to waste a cup of coffee.

7. That’s the order, and we do not deviate from the order.

8. Awaken, Princess of Caffeine. Your chariot awaits.

9. I feel this in my inner being.

10. Someday my prince will come… with two large coffees and a bagel.

11. @myself

12. I’ve definitely done this, and I’ve also definitely done this in front of my entire office. Oops.

13. I can hold my mouth open if you need. Also, I have a funnel in the closet. Lemme know if you need it.

14. I can drink a liter of coffee and I’ll still be yawning and stretching all day long. Yes, I’m still tired.

15. Do you think there was a Starbucks in Munchkinland?



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46 Hilarious Disney Memes For Every Mouseketeer at Heart

The Disney fandom is absolutely MASSIVE. Ranging from babies who can’t even walk yet to the oldest of the elderly, everyone has their own favorites when it comes to Disney. Whether you like Disney for its theme parks, heartwarming movies, catchy music, or anything in between, you’re bound to enjoy these Disney memes!

1. The truest scene from any Disney movie.

2. Get you a man that loves you like Bing Bong loved Riley.

3. Well, this is disheartening…

4. Guess I have to listen to this all day…

5. He has a good point…

6. *ba dum tiss*

7. @Disney: cast him in the new live-action Lion King!

8. The evolution of Buster the dog in Toy Story is one of the best character developments of all time.

9. Bippity Boppity Booze!

10. Christmas 2018 idea:

11. You know you’ve reached peak comfortability with your partner when you both fart like the second pic.

12. On average, a guest at a Disney park walks 10 miles, which burns approximately 1000 calories. So go ahead and eat that Dole Whip and Turkey Leg! You deserve it.

13. Nemo had an Emo phase.

14. How did I never pick up on this reference as a kid?

15. Adorable!

16. Ah, yes. I remember my first time too.

17. Science side of the internet, do your thing.

18. If anyone knows the answer to this, please let us know. It’s tripping us out.

19. Jack Jack Attack is the greatest Disney animated short of all time.

20. Couples Costume for Halloween 2018?

21. A true showwoman doesn’t hold back.

22. Never trust anyone with a lime green aura.

23. I mean, I’m just giving them what they’re asking for.

24. Do…not…close…eyes.

25. Me on every date I’ve ever been on, overly aggressive and supremely anxious.

26. If that was my shirt, I’d keep that label on it just for the irony.

27. LMAO

28. This could be the best crossover of all time.

29. The irony is too much in this one.


31. I feel bad for any innocent soul that tunes in thinking its a feel-good movie.

32. A warning would’ve been nice, dad.

33. That penguin is wiiiild.

34. Very, very true. Highly recommend.

35. Definitely my favorite meme of this whole set.

36. This year, grab two of your closest friends and do this!

37. How to make sure your kid turns out to be evil: give them an awful name.


39. Wow! They’re all so beautiful!

40. Honestly, I didn’t catch on for a hot minute.

41. Okay, this is definitely AWESOME. Perfect for Halloween or “crazy outfit” day at your kids school.

42. Definitely remember thinking this back in 2008.

43. At my first therapy appointment like

44. word.

45. Wall-E is a lot scarier than most people think because it is totally plausible.

46. Wait…what?!


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40 Depression Memes for When Memes Are All You Have

Depression memes are a product of millennial culture. To say they’re a healthy coping mechanism is a stretch, but they do make even the worst bouts of depression a bit more bearable. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. A live view inside my mind’s drive-thru lane:

2. *clink clink*

3. The good ol’ days.

4. It’s an adventure all in itself. 

5. Level 113 takes serious skill to master, but I’m proud to say I got my badge in “Alternate Universe Creation” back in 2014.

6. The choice is yours, but a combination of both is preferable.


7. I wonder what she’s listening to…

8. Where is the lie?

9. I mean like, I think about it a lot but I wouldn’t say I’d ask for it…

10. Let’s get on with it, buddy. I’m trying to miss that training meeting at 3.

11. Ah, I remember the first time I scared someone by accidentally oversharing what goes on inside my head. 

12. Time’s a-ticking!

13. My squishy boi is an asshole.

14. You got a point, there.

15.  They just… get me.

16. Me on my way to Whole Foods to get organic groceries I somehow think will cure my depression

17. LMAO y’all thought

18. I feel personally victimized by this relatable content.

19. Where can I get the full subscription?

20. It’s not going to happen.

21. The perfect example of what I call “optimistic nihilism”.

22. Death naps are the key to being moderately happy

23. *pop*

24. An actual pic of me trying to do the bare minimum but still stressing out about it

25. Curse you, Steve Jobs!

26. Don’t go easy on me!

27. We’re breaking records here, people. I didn’t think we’d reach this level, but we did.

28. I mean like, if I could find the motivation to do basic daily activities, I’d do them, let alone paint a landscape.

29. If that’s the case, I’d have you in my bed every night.

30. Wakey wakey, body. Time to be a mere piece of the machine.

31. I mean, I guess I’ll take it.

32. Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been busy laying in bed living off of Easy Mac and Oreos.

33. thanks! i hate it.

34. Walking into therapy with the scribbled notes I took during a manic episode like 

35. I dunno, the cat?


36. Better leave now or else I’ll force you to carry it with me by oversharing.

37. My favorite song in the club.

38. I can’t just pencil you in for whenever, Sarah.

39. Life is definitely a neckbeard.

40. Wake up, bitch. Time to think about everything you’ve ever done that was remotely embarrassing.


In all seriousness, if you are thinking about killing yourself, or feel helpless, call the 24-hour, free and confidential, national suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255. No one should suffer alone, and remember, your friends at FunnyStatus care about you!

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22 Shrek Memes for When The Years Don’t Stop Coming

This year, on May 18th, Shrek turns 17 years old. Though the franchise has since died out of movie theaters, the internet has kept the series far more than just alive. Shrek memes are thriving on the internet, from edgy memes to crossover memes, even to memes throughout the middle-aged women on Facebook. The success of Shrek memes is crazy, and we’ve gathered a few killer ones for you to laugh about.

1. Here’s an inspirational quote to start your day off right.

2. Whoops! My b.

3. This is pretty much guaranteed to work on your next lover.

4. I need a breather after looking at this one.

5. Don’t get me all up in my feels like this.

6. I can always rely on Google to show me what I’m really looking for.

7. Fairy Godmother is the original badass bitch.

8. Green onion and golden pineapple.

9. Why? Just… why?

10. Wow, if I had never seen Shrek, I definitely could confuse this picture with my ex.

11. Today’s words of wisdom:

12. Point made.

13. How much for the medallion with God on it? That one, right there in the middle?

14. After the General dropped Shaq as their spokesperson, Shaq turned to other means to make ends meet.

15. I know a billion-dollar blockbuster when I see one.

16. Save this for a rainy day when you can only be passive aggressive to someone.

17. The eyes are the windows to the soul’s innermost desires.

18. The only party I’d ever go to.

19. We were blessed with the entire Shrek franchise just because Shrek couldn’t get his swamp back.

20. I’d still eat it.

21. Don’t make eye contact… if you don’t see him, he won’t see you.

22. I wonder what their reception was like… They definitely played some Smash Mouth.

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45 Edgy Memes for Your Inner Edgy Teen

Edgy memes are an art form that few can master, but many can enjoy. Much like Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty, they require an elevated understanding of the world and how it works, as their level of satire can be too high for many to easily understand. To introduce you to the world of edgy memes, we have compiled a nice list of examples that you should be able to understand. *tips fedora*

1. What is the past participle of “yeet”?

2. ya snooze ya lose

3. Check mate.

4. true art knows no boundaries

5. brrrrrp brrrrp

6. It’s like the Fibonacci sequence, but stupider.

7. Simply Garfield’s Badass Gang of Snakes Wearing Leather

8. two testes, chillin in a scrotum, five millimeters apart cuz they’re not gay

9. Pro tip:

10. that shit hurted

11. zoomin

12. too busy playin skyrim

13. I still have scars from silver bois on my ankles.

14. comin 4 u reduced fat mozzarella

15. LiTeRaLly

16. Irish farmers during the potato famine, 1849 (colorized).

17. *tweets to Gordon Ramsay*

18. 4 years into my architecture degree and all i needed to know was in this meme

19. penWAS

20. vroom vroom

21. State of the Union from our dearest leader

22. I’ll take 12

23. ni hao

24. a modern day seek and find

26. gettin slizzard with the lizards

27. If Donkey Kong is kinky dong, what does that make Diddy Kong?

28. Pro tip:

29. tag urself i’m 29

30. A+ meme usage

31. cronch

32. gettin steamy with the boys


34. flexin’ on them minions

35. am I gay? 

36. the side of science the government is hiding from us

37. I pick 4 because doggo a bonus feature

38. should I call 911?

39. bing bing

40. relationship goals 😩

41. sprinkle it on your cornbread for an extra kick

42. where is the cat?



45. i love eating ass everyday


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49 Cute, Wholesome Memes to Share with Your Loved Ones

Wholesome memes are the BEST. Making this article made me feel so good, so happy, so fulfilled. Be kind to one another. Be kind and send these memes to those you love the most.

1. Memes like this make me look forward to falling in love.

2. Teamwork makes the dream work.

3. Not in my Olive Garden, Jerry.

4. I can’t wait to shower you in endless affection and undying love.

5. Kindness goes a long way, and so does this train.

6. The thought of you makes me SMILE and chills go down my spine and I squeeeeeeee!

7. How many licks does it take to get to the center of my heart? Approximately one. This one, specifically.

8. I’m gonna love you whether you’re ready or not.

9. Look at the stars, look how they shine….like you!

10. i haz squeak food for you to eat

11. Supportive shark is here for you when it seems like no one else is.

12. The only pickup line I’ve heard that would probably work on me, tbh.

13. MEN ARE TRA- oh wait. Maybe not?

14. It’s 2018. We out here respecting differences and loving others unconditionally.

15. Please lower your voice so my anxiety can’t hear your frustrations and freak out

16. Climb on into the thunder vest of my arms, my love.

17. OOPS!

18. gotta DASH

19. He’s dressin to impress

20. Give them all to me. We can carry them together.

21. Wholesome use of typically-unwholesome meme.

22. Send this to whoever pops up in your head first when you read this meme.

23. Yes mother how may I tell you about my undying love for you?

24. I need me a friend like this

25. It’s so hard because anxiety but I do it because I LOVE YOU.

26. Gonna swaddle you up in my emotions and tuck you in real good.

27. Teach your children to love unconditionally!!

28. This is how my brain works. I definitely have thought this exact phrase at least 4 times.

29. I. Love. Hugs.

30. Sometimes, it’s this simple. Sometimes, it isn’t. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember.


32. Save this to your phone so the next time your boo leaves and doesn’t text you in the 13 minutes you know it takes to drive from your house to theirs, you can send it to them.

33. Get ready because I’m setting aim.

34. As much as we love depression memes, it’s important to encourage healthy thoughts amongst your friends!!

35. This is a great reminder for anyone who suffers from their brain being an asshole. Spread it around!

36. Guilty as charged.

37. Things are looking up, friends!!

38. I’m not even mad.

39. Yaaaaaas girl you hydrate your beautiful self!


41. It’s so hard to respect people’s opinions when they directly contrast your own morals and values, but I’m out here trying my hardest!

42. I’d pay good money to be able to hang with Charleston.

43. Proof that we should all try making friends in unexpected locations.

44. You are one big, beautiful conglomeration of things.

45. chomp chomp

46. Cherish them!! Love them!! Respect them!!

47. Defending my fragile confidence and trying to love myself when my brain constantly tells me I’m not worthy of love is like-

48. The greatest gift of all is making others feel loved.

49. If my whole camera was of your beautiful, smiling face, I’d be happy.

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61 Examples of Times a Spongebob Meme Made Us Say “Me AF”

Spongebob memes have become a part of the American culture. Though memes have only been prominent for about 10 years, a good Spongebob meme trend has come once a year, at least. Personally, I believe Spongebob memes give us more laughs than any other genre of memes that exists. Check out these memes, and let us know if you agree!

1. iMessage will never understand me.

2. Cracker Barrel is really gonna get it this time.

3. Everything is fine!! Thank you for asking.

4. A wholesome meme to send to your wholesome friends.

5. Underrated scene, underrated meme.

6. …pretty please?

7. It’s always a gamble. 

8. you THOUGHT.

9. Getting my name right gives me some points, right?


11. “I gotta pocket, gotta pocket full o’ sunshine I gott-“

12. TRUTH.

13. I’ll take it, but I’m only a little excited about it.

14. Its that itch you can’t ever scratch.


16. Every. Single. Morning.

17. Nothing to see here, just my failure.

18. What’s better than one dank meme? Two dank memes in the same meme.

19. Guilty as charged.

20. “Yeah sure, lay it on me!”-me, 20 seconds after having a breakdown about my own problems.

21. Pretty Patties was always my favorite episode as a kid.

22. ewewewEWEWEWEW

23.  Funny catchphrases? Don’t mind if I dooo!


25. I refuse to listen to the haters.

26. Really, I’ve started thanking people just for talking to me. I know it’s hard.

27. Hi mom, how was your da-WHY WEREN’T THE DISHES WASHED LAST NIGHT?!

28. What’s funnier than atomic bombs? Nuclear bombs.

29. From 2001 to 2018, mayonnaise’s instrumental status is always relevant.

30. You like Krabby Patties, don’t you, Squidward?

31. Most definitely me.


33. I had to do it to ’em. 

34. “How many times do we gotta teach you this lesson, old man?!”

35. Lemme check and see if I put it in the wrong folder…

36. I could write my thesis on the history of Spongebob Memes. Bet.

37. Did my voice crack or was that just my anxiety?

38. When everyone is on the same page, including the teacher.

39. you WHAT

40. The best way to counter anyone asking you for nudes.

41. This episode messed with me as a kid. Maybe the first episode that ever high key tugged at my heartstrings.



44. When you take your makeup off at the end of the day

45. I can bust out the best Cotton Eyed Joe you’ll ever see, but running around the block? I’d rather die.

46. Guess I’ll just ignore it until I die. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

47. If you don’t love me at my Squidward eating Krabby Patties, then you don’t deserve me at my….oh.

48. YEET

49. Everything makes sense now.

50. How do I bring up my point without starting an argument?

51. Tryna be romantic like

52. Emphasis on the “I have $3 dollars”

53. Me, especially when the car jams are on point.

54. Don’t forget to make an Anti-Sea Bear Circle. NEVER an oval.

55. Here I come world, ready or not.

56. If you haven’t gotten up midstream out of fear of missing a single second of your show, you aren’t a real fan.

57. Finally, an accurate representation of the passion I feel behind the Spongebob theme.

58. Sub in Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” in December and you have the perfect meme.

59. Hold my kelp soda.


61. Gee, I wonder why the bags under my eyes are so dark and puffy…





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