40 Teaching Memes That Will Make Any Teacher Laugh…Then Cry

I know plenty of teachers that live off of only coffee and memes. A good sense of humor is necessary when you’re surrounded by children for 40 hours a week, at a minimum. Teaching memes give an insight into the daily struggles of teachers, and why they are the real-life superheroes in our lives. Check out 40 of our favorite teaching memes below, and cry with us over the reality that is being a teacher.

1. I was literally asleep an hour ago. Give me a second.

2. Honestly, I think this has more potential to be stolen than a regular old bathroom pass.

3. Fairy Godmothers by September, dinosaur wranglers by June.

4. Ah a few seconds of medit- HEEYYYY MISS I HAVE A QUESTION

5. “That’s 3 days after my cat’s birthday!”

6. If holding my pee was an Olympic sport, I’d have more medals than Michael Phelps.

7. The hardest decision of every day.

8. English teacher humor is the best kind of humor.

9. The apple never falls far from the tree.

10. A sense of fear and panic makes your adrenaline rush.

11. I love standardized testing!- said no one ever.

12. Don’t worry, I get paid whether you listen or not.

13. Asking for a volunteer always boosts participation.

14. You only have standardized tests that you don’t write to prove you don’t suck.

15. Don’t you think I deserve extra credit because I’ve been slacking off all semester? Well maybe if I start YELLING AND CRYING

16. Ah, I remember those days…

17. When you hear your first name bellowed from across the classroom, you know something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

18. You aren’t gonna give me extra credit? I’M CALLING THE SUPERINTENDENT

19. It all comes full circle.

20. The oldest line in the book, with the oldest negotiation in the book.


22. The sad reality for…literally every teacher ever.

23. Laminating Tuesdays get me excited.

24. I clocked out when y’all did. We’re all in this together.

25. Every teacher has their one kryptonite subject…

26. Always busy, all the time.

27. It’s fun understanding math.

28. Definitely realistic.

29. Opening up that cellophane in the last week of August like

30. I will start giving out end-of-the-year awards. I already know who to hand this to.

31. Once we hit the second week of May, it’s like no one wants to be in school! Wild!

32. Prize days are always chaos.

33. Over my dead, wheezing, lifeless corpse. Give me some Halls and I’m good to go.

34. If you need me, I’ll be in the wine aisle.

35. Teaching sounds fun until you grade all the tests YOU ASSIGNED.

36. Gee, it’s like beating a dead horse with standardized curriculum doesn’t work. Better cut 15 minutes off of lunch time to make up for it!

37. We’ve all been on both sides of this.

38. Guilty.

39. To correct myself, or to see if no one catches it and carry on…

40. The perfect Christmas gift for a teacher. No more mugs, people!


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22 College Memes That Will Make You Happy It’s Summer

College memes are their own breed. Ranging from depression memes to party memes to academic memes, they span across every aspect of being a university student. College might be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but by far, it’ll be one of the most fun periods of your life. Here are a few knee-slappers that sum up perfectly what life is like as a college student.

1. That’s how I like it. Poorly executed and quickly written.

2. This is what my typical week looks like.


3. Pro-tip: Always aim for university-owned vehicles, because that’s the only surefire way to get free tuition.

4. You can’t go to lectures if you’re in the hospital. Think smart, not hard.

5. That F is for finesse.

6. Repeat for 8-16 cycles and you have a diploma! Aaaaaand hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

7. Pretty much, yeah.

8. Nothing turns me on than not being graded besides optional attendance for lectures.

9. It takes talent to be as consistently terrible as eduroam is.

10. I didn’t think I’d be alive this morning, so I guess we are ahead of schedule here.

11. Hey you! How’s it going? I was in 7/11 and saw this chocolate and I knew it was your favorite so I got you some. Anyways how about we talk about curving that 61% to a 90%?

12. Yay ramen!

13. Honestly, this sums up my freshman year.

14. iF tHe PrOfEsSoR iS 15 mInUtEs LaTe We ArE lEgAlLy AlLoWeD tO lEaVe

15. The answer to not knowing what to do with your life after school is always more school.

16. Being a kiss ass to the hardest professors gets you a long way in college, not gonna lie.

17. I’m glad my campus isn’t the only one where public safety is an absolute joke.

18. Incoming Freshmen beware: college is a joke.

19. *copy pastes an entire paragraph-long question into google*
*Quizlet pops up and answers it for you*

20. Why is sleep never due tomorrow?

21. One time, I was sobbing in front of a computer in the library as a tour group went through. I have no shame in calling out the guides on their false advertising. If they want to come here, they better know what’s up.

22. Life moves fast when your diet consists of Starbucks, ramen, and Adderall.



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38 Dog Memes to Appreciate All Doggos

Dogs are definitely walking meme machines. They’re dopey, cute, and nearly always happy. Dog owners know the pleasures of owning a fur baby, but the rest of the world deserves to know how awesome they are, too! Here is a small collection of dog memes to keep you satisfied at work, at home, or in your crate.

1. Next, try pawing desperately at the bottom of the couch until you tear the fabric. The tearing sound will get your human’s attention almost immediately!

2. Sometimes he barks but it’s only because he’s bilingual.

3. Its either bork or lick yourself for 3 hours so the entire bed shakes and your owner can’t sleep. I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them.

4. Do you intend to be buried? I know a guy who likes to bury bones. It’s me. I like to bury bones.

5. They already said they’re sorry! Don’t be mad!

6. An independent woman.

7. I forget dogs are colorblind 99% of the time…

8. Michelangelo has met his match.

9. Oh, this little thing? I just added some spray and went out the door! Nothing to it :))

10. I heard he got his Doctorate in Barkology.

11. I only wake up in cases of emergency, or food.

12. What do you mean I can’t go?

13. I could never trust my dogs to be so well behaved.

14. Dogs are the best nurses, therapists, and friends we could ever ask for.

15. Something about this just doesn’t seem right…

16. This definitely looks like something you’d find on a Hallmark card, but man, is it funny.

17. The smell of sweet, sweet relaxation.

18. My dog is probably on the other end of this call.

19. Labs are the most patriotic of dogs, even if they can’t understand patriotism.

20. Hyper speed bork!

21. Ah, yes. Sweet revenge.

22. My dogs definitely would’ve been a better choice in date than the guy I took. And to think that I even had a tuxedo picked out for my dog…

23. Look how scared he is! That poor baby.

24. Add this to your cross-country tour this summer.

25. Too real.


27. Science side of the internet: please explain this phenomenon.

28. Every dog owner knows this starter pack.

29. I recommend a diet higher in fiber. Maybe switch to Purina.

30. It’s called fashion, look it up.

31. Fur babies are babies too.

32. *smack smack smack* GOOB MORNTING HOOMAN

33. His name is Phillip and he’s half Filipino, thanks for asking.


35. That’ll show them.

36. Between the vest and the stink face, this dog could definitely be in the army.

37. I love walkies with my human.

38. Dogs are the cutest because they are so happy about the littlest things in life. We definitely can learn a lot from them.


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31 Gym Memes to Scroll for Today’s Thumb Workout

Exercising and eating right is definitely not an easy commitment for most of us. Making a change in the way you live your daily life is a mega challenge, and it can be difficult to stay motivated. Whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, a few laughs along the way will help! Here are our favorite gym memes to lighten the mood on your heaviest workout days.

1. Once you’ve experienced this, it’s a whole new level of confidence.

2. You’re hired.

3. Still, lifting is lifting and you should feel good about yourself!

4. The StairMaster always makes me question my will to live.

5. You wanna go to Olive Garden? Don’t mind if I dooooo

6. It happens to the best of us.

7. True story.

8. I got that thing at that place, I shouldn’t get all sweaty because then I’ll smell and my hair would be gross and I don’t have any good running shoes and

9. If you’re wondering how to start a diet, this is actually a great rule of thumb.

10. Be flexible, but never give up!

11. I’ll just have one beer…HA!

12. our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name please TAKE THE WHEEL ON THIS ONE

13. I hope Barnes and Noble carries this book because I definitely need to read it.

14. I hope these 5 crunches and the protein shake do the trick!

15. this is an EMERGENCY

16. That’s how it always seems to be…

17. You wanna lose your muffin top? How about you drop 3 cup sizes instead? Sound good? No? Too bad.

18. Exactly why I will never watch a meat industry documentary.

19. I had a long day of sitting on my ass. I need a nap.

20. I’ll have a Diet Pizza Lite pls

21. Exercise is all about adapting it to fit your needs. Don’t tell me what to do.

22. I’ll take 12

23. *cries into chicken breast*

24. If you’re at the gym, GET OFF YOUR PHONE. You look dumb sitting on a machine and scrolling.

25. If you do this at the gym, you’re an asshole. No questions about it.

26. Nothing beats a post-workout high.

27. Pre-workout is the real-life equivalent to a Power Star in Super Mario.

28. I don’t even think I was imagining it!

29. Finally, some good news!

30. Stay hydrated!

31. Also applies to taking a hair tie out of your sweaty, mangled hair after a workout. Yikes.

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15 Coffee Memes to Look At While You Sip This Morning

Ah, coffee. I thought it was gross a mere 10 years ago, however, I just yesterday came to the discovery I drink at minimum a LITER of coffee every morning. Usually more. So, if anything, you could probably say I’m overqualified to write this article. A good cup of coffee is like a good meme: it makes you feel good, it brightens your day for even just a little bit, and if it’s really good, you share it with your friends… if they’re lucky.

1. Everything else has just been lucky. There’s only one thing keeping me alive.

2. Whisper your sweet nothings into my ear. I know you’re here for me.

3. Once I figure out a way to bong hot coffee, catch me on Shark Tank.

4. Ask any barista, because they will agree.

5. If you don’t look like you just ate a hot wing after your first sip, it’s not a strong enough pot of coffee.

6. A bit dated, but still a clever way to waste a cup of coffee.

7. That’s the order, and we do not deviate from the order.

8. Awaken, Princess of Caffeine. Your chariot awaits.

9. I feel this in my inner being.

10. Someday my prince will come… with two large coffees and a bagel.

11. @myself

12. I’ve definitely done this, and I’ve also definitely done this in front of my entire office. Oops.

13. I can hold my mouth open if you need. Also, I have a funnel in the closet. Lemme know if you need it.

14. I can drink a liter of coffee and I’ll still be yawning and stretching all day long. Yes, I’m still tired.

15. Do you think there was a Starbucks in Munchkinland?



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46 Hilarious Disney Memes For Every Mouseketeer at Heart

The Disney fandom is absolutely MASSIVE. Ranging from babies who can’t even walk yet to the oldest of the elderly, everyone has their own favorites when it comes to Disney. Whether you like Disney for its theme parks, heartwarming movies, catchy music, or anything in between, you’re bound to enjoy these Disney memes!

1. The truest scene from any Disney movie.

2. Get you a man that loves you like Bing Bong loved Riley.

3. Well, this is disheartening…

4. Guess I have to listen to this all day…

5. He has a good point…

6. *ba dum tiss*

7. @Disney: cast him in the new live-action Lion King!

8. The evolution of Buster the dog in Toy Story is one of the best character developments of all time.

9. Bippity Boppity Booze!

10. Christmas 2018 idea:

11. You know you’ve reached peak comfortability with your partner when you both fart like the second pic.

12. On average, a guest at a Disney park walks 10 miles, which burns approximately 1000 calories. So go ahead and eat that Dole Whip and Turkey Leg! You deserve it.

13. Nemo had an Emo phase.

14. How did I never pick up on this reference as a kid?

15. Adorable!

16. Ah, yes. I remember my first time too.

17. Science side of the internet, do your thing.

18. If anyone knows the answer to this, please let us know. It’s tripping us out.

19. Jack Jack Attack is the greatest Disney animated short of all time.

20. Couples Costume for Halloween 2018?

21. A true showwoman doesn’t hold back.

22. Never trust anyone with a lime green aura.

23. I mean, I’m just giving them what they’re asking for.

24. Do…not…close…eyes.

25. Me on every date I’ve ever been on, overly aggressive and supremely anxious.

26. If that was my shirt, I’d keep that label on it just for the irony.

27. LMAO

28. This could be the best crossover of all time.

29. The irony is too much in this one.


31. I feel bad for any innocent soul that tunes in thinking its a feel-good movie.

32. A warning would’ve been nice, dad.

33. That penguin is wiiiild.

34. Very, very true. Highly recommend.

35. Definitely my favorite meme of this whole set.

36. This year, grab two of your closest friends and do this!

37. How to make sure your kid turns out to be evil: give them an awful name.


39. Wow! They’re all so beautiful!

40. Honestly, I didn’t catch on for a hot minute.

41. Okay, this is definitely AWESOME. Perfect for Halloween or “crazy outfit” day at your kids school.

42. Definitely remember thinking this back in 2008.

43. At my first therapy appointment like

44. word.

45. Wall-E is a lot scarier than most people think because it is totally plausible.

46. Wait…what?!


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40 Depression Memes for When Memes Are All You Have

Depression memes are a product of millennial culture. To say they’re a healthy coping mechanism is a stretch, but they do make even the worst bouts of depression a bit more bearable. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. A live view inside my mind’s drive-thru lane:

2. *clink clink*

3. The good ol’ days.

4. It’s an adventure all in itself. 

5. Level 113 takes serious skill to master, but I’m proud to say I got my badge in “Alternate Universe Creation” back in 2014.

6. The choice is yours, but a combination of both is preferable.


7. I wonder what she’s listening to…

8. Where is the lie?

9. I mean like, I think about it a lot but I wouldn’t say I’d ask for it…

10. Let’s get on with it, buddy. I’m trying to miss that training meeting at 3.

11. Ah, I remember the first time I scared someone by accidentally oversharing what goes on inside my head. 

12. Time’s a-ticking!

13. My squishy boi is an asshole.

14. You got a point, there.

15.  They just… get me.

16. Me on my way to Whole Foods to get organic groceries I somehow think will cure my depression

17. LMAO y’all thought

18. I feel personally victimized by this relatable content.

19. Where can I get the full subscription?

20. It’s not going to happen.

21. The perfect example of what I call “optimistic nihilism”.

22. Death naps are the key to being moderately happy

23. *pop*

24. An actual pic of me trying to do the bare minimum but still stressing out about it

25. Curse you, Steve Jobs!

26. Don’t go easy on me!

27. We’re breaking records here, people. I didn’t think we’d reach this level, but we did.

28. I mean like, if I could find the motivation to do basic daily activities, I’d do them, let alone paint a landscape.

29. If that’s the case, I’d have you in my bed every night.

30. Wakey wakey, body. Time to be a mere piece of the machine.

31. I mean, I guess I’ll take it.

32. Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been busy laying in bed living off of Easy Mac and Oreos.

33. thanks! i hate it.

34. Walking into therapy with the scribbled notes I took during a manic episode like 

35. I dunno, the cat?


36. Better leave now or else I’ll force you to carry it with me by oversharing.

37. My favorite song in the club.

38. I can’t just pencil you in for whenever, Sarah.

39. Life is definitely a neckbeard.

40. Wake up, bitch. Time to think about everything you’ve ever done that was remotely embarrassing.


In all seriousness, if you are thinking about killing yourself, or feel helpless, call the 24-hour, free and confidential, national suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255. No one should suffer alone, and remember, your friends at FunnyStatus care about you!

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22 Shrek Memes for When The Years Don’t Stop Coming

This year, on May 18th, Shrek turns 17 years old. Though the franchise has since died out of movie theaters, the internet has kept the series far more than just alive. Shrek memes are thriving on the internet, from edgy memes to crossover memes, even to memes throughout the middle-aged women on Facebook. The success of Shrek memes is crazy, and we’ve gathered a few killer ones for you to laugh about.

1. Here’s an inspirational quote to start your day off right.

2. Whoops! My b.

3. This is pretty much guaranteed to work on your next lover.

4. I need a breather after looking at this one.

5. Don’t get me all up in my feels like this.

6. I can always rely on Google to show me what I’m really looking for.

7. Fairy Godmother is the original badass bitch.

8. Green onion and golden pineapple.

9. Why? Just… why?

10. Wow, if I had never seen Shrek, I definitely could confuse this picture with my ex.

11. Today’s words of wisdom:

12. Point made.

13. How much for the medallion with God on it? That one, right there in the middle?

14. After the General dropped Shaq as their spokesperson, Shaq turned to other means to make ends meet.

15. I know a billion-dollar blockbuster when I see one.

16. Save this for a rainy day when you can only be passive aggressive to someone.

17. The eyes are the windows to the soul’s innermost desires.

18. The only party I’d ever go to.

19. We were blessed with the entire Shrek franchise just because Shrek couldn’t get his swamp back.

20. I’d still eat it.

21. Don’t make eye contact… if you don’t see him, he won’t see you.

22. I wonder what their reception was like… They definitely played some Smash Mouth.

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