Top 6 Songs from the TV Show Steven Universe


We’re big fans of the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe and the following are the Top 6 songs from Steven Universe, but first, here’s a little bit about the show!

About The Show

Steven Universe is a 14 year old boy, and a half-human, half-Crystal Gem. Greg Universe and Rose Quartz are his mom and dad, and Rose Quartz was the former leader of The Crystal Gems. Being partly human and partly gem, Steven bridges the gap between the two worlds, and is the best of friends with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl.

The four of them embark on the greatest of adventures and meet many friends along the way, including Steven’s human friend Connie; Lars, who works at The Big Donut; Greg Universe, Steven’s dad; Sadie Miller, who works at The Big Donut with Lars; and eventually Peridot, who used to be a Homeworld Gem who ends up spending a lot of time with the Crystal Gems.

Other families who live in Beach City include the Pizza family, the Fryman family, Mayor Dewey’s family, and Sour Cream’s family. The Crystal Gems help Steven to grow and become more comfortable with himself being the first one of his kind, being both human and Gem. Their group learns many lessons and have many laughs, and at the end of every day they remain their own little family and love one another more than anything. Through all of the lessons they learn, the also make a lot of good (and sometimes comedic) music. Below are our Top 6 favorite songs from Steven Universe!


1. Steven Universe Extended Opening Theme Song


In this extended version of the Steven Universe theme song, we hear the first song Steven wrote on his ukulele. It introduces himself and his friends, his town, and a little bit about it to a catchy and upbeat tune. It is an irresistible melody, and you can’t help but smile when he proclaims that they’ll “win the fight and then go out for pizzas!!” Genuine yet lighthearted, the extended theme song is one of our favorites.


2. Life & Death & Love & Birth Song


The Life and Death and Love and Birth Song asks simply: “Is there anything that’s worth more than life and death and love and birth and peace and war on the planet earth?” The answer? There’s probably not anything worth more than peace and love on a planet earth where Steven Universe is involved!


3. Ruby and Sapphire’s Fusion Song: The Answer


The question of how Ruby and Sapphire finally fused to create Garnet is finally answered in this song. Ruby and Sapphire sing together about how it wasn’t quite either of them responsible for the fusion, it was the two of them together that made something entirely new and beautiful.


4. Be Wherever You Are


Another original tune by Steven on his ukulele, “Be Wherever You Are” is a tune he serenades Lars and Sadie with as we watch the high and low points of their relationship as Steven third wheels their date. Steven poses a question that is probably one we could all consider these days: “Why don’t you let yourself just be wherever you are?”


5. Stronger Than You


Garnet sings about how strong she and her fellow Crystal Gems are, and how they are stronger than the struggles and opponents they face. She is armed with patience and her powers and she lets her opponent Jasper know that she is stronger after Steven helps her reform as they fight on the Gem Warship. This song professes the power that can be found in partnership and teamwork.


6. Do It For Her


Pearl and Connie sing this song as Pearl teaches Connie how to sword-fight while Steven looks on with star eyes. They sing about how Connie does her sword-fighting to protect herself, but more importantly to protect Steven, whom she adores. Steven realizes the gravity of Connie’s dedication to him at the end of the song, when her and Pearl bow down before him, further pledging their allegiance.


Though some of these songs be silly, they all run the common thread of having love be a fulfilling and uniting force among this tight-knit group of friends. They are loyal to one another and that strengthens them in their pursuits as their bonds strengthen and they protect and entertain Beach City day after day.