10 Hilarious Animal Photobombs


It’s an art that many attempt, but few are successful with. It’s an art that dads, moms, grandparents, aunts, and uncles alike try to pull over on teenagers, but never seem to be able to execute. It’s an art that keeps the photographed on their toes and the photographers in the hunt for the right angles and lighting. It is an art that, when achieved, can bring virtual fame to those photographed and to the photographer. PHOTOBOMBING. Surprisingly, one of the best groups at this gut-busting activity? ANIMALS. They don’t even know the concept or possess the ability to understand why their photobombs are so funny, but the absence of intention in their sneak attacks on photos turns out to be priceless! Here are 10 of our favorite animal photobombs out there:

1. A Girl and Her Horse

Actual Photobomb 1

We can’t tell who’s smirking harder…the girl or her toothy-grinned horse! Her cute dress and innocent smile are the perfect touches to her horse’s laughter in the background. What a duo!

2. Seal-y Funny!

Photobomb 2

Awww, look at those darling penguins that have congregated by the incoming tide. WAIT A SECOND…there’s also quite a happy seal down in the bottom right! He almost blends in with the stones along the shore, until you notice his happy little grin and wide eyes. What a cute photo!

3. Like Mother, Like Child

Photobomb 3

What an elegantly posed momma cat, and oh, look at her cute little youngin’ hanging there beside her! The mother seems to be unaware of her baby’s perfect photobomb, as both stare intently at the camera. What a purrrrfect photo-op.

4. Flying Kitty

Photobomb 4

A bottle of wine, some friends, an outdoor lunch, clear blue skies…and a flying cat?! Look at that kitty soar. Apparently on its way somewhere fast, this feline takes flight unbeknownst to the humans in the shot.

5. Here Comes the…Puppy?

Photobomb 5

Not your traditional sight at the end of the aisle, this cute little pup was clearly uninterested in the vows and more interested in taking a load off during the ceremony. What a beautiful combination of two of the most joyous things in the world: dogs and holy matrimony!

6. A Whale-y Big Photobomb

Photobomb 6

An innocent little birdy and a GINORMOUS whale midway through a backward plunge into the water are the perfect photobomb pair. The whale is just doing its thing, while the bird is completely unaware.

7. I Spy With My Little Eye…

Photobomb 7

…a gorilla! What could’ve been a solid cheesy selfie got an unexpected and furry upgrade from this preoccupied gorilla. The man in the photo is totally unsuspecting, and that only increases the comedic value of the picture. Score, and props to you Mr. Gorilla!

8. Here, Have a Bite…of My Face!

Photobomb 8

All was well at the zoo, until the camel wanted a snack. This lady’s face must have looked scrumptious, because the camel wasn’t shy about helping himself to a hearty bite.

9.What’s Hangin’?

Animals, generally man's best friend until they ruin your holiday snaps one great photobomb at a time.
Animals, generally man’s best friend until they ruin your holiday snaps one great photobomb at a time.

This lil’ guy almost blended in with the trees, and the folks down below seem to love his appearance in the photo. So cute!

10. Cheeeeese

Photobomb 10

This cow is all ready for picture day it seems! The farmer in the background seems to be unaware of its comedic cow’s smirk before him. Adorbs.

A tip for achieving the perfect photobomb? Let it happen…don’t try to force it! When the moment is right, all the elements for a perfect photobomb will align and your mission for the perfect photobomb will have been a success.