Cuban Pete, Tony Hawk, and Great Status Updates

Best of Facebook, share these…

21 Great Facebook Statuses:

  1. That mini heart attack when you send a text to the wrong person.
  2. More girls need to start searching for guys who have goals, ambitions & success because 10 years from now “swag” isn’t going to pay your bills.
  3. Million dollar idea: A bathroom mirror that takes pictures.
  4. That awkward moment, when people ask: Are you a couple? and you look at each other and wait who’s going to answer first.
  5. If zombies ever do attack just go to Costco, they have walls, years of food and supplies, and zombies can’t get in without a Costco membership.
  6. I’m not sure if most mainstream music really does suck…or I’m a hipster now.
  7. LIKE if you have a mini heart attack when someone says “Guess what I heard about you…”
  8. That awkward moment when you find something hilarious… But NOBODY else does.
  9. We have all made a sarcastic comment to somebodies dumb facebook post.
  10. My room pretty much represents my life, a mess.
  11. Congratulations on your ability to create drama out of absolutely nothing!
  12. That odd feeling you get when you wake up and only have one sock on…
  13. Music is a good place to hide.
  14. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Plus a social media overreaction.
  15. There’s a very short list of things you can have in your hand while running without looking crazy.
  16. I’m still waiting for the episode of Storage Wars where there’s a homeless guy living in the unit.
  17. Life’s a roller-coaster. Forget the downs; the ups are full of magnificent, fun, exhilarating moments which will make the ride all worthwhile.
  18. Did you ever notice how a woman’s “I’ll be ready in 5min” and a guys “I’ll be home in 5min” are one and the same?
  19. Thinking about getting a cat? Ease into it by sprinkling hair on your food for a couple of weeks.
  20. I hate it when people call me as I’m about to use my phone and I accidentally answer it.
  21. Be careful who you call friends. I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.

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Tony Hawk on Skateboarding with His Daughter…

Tony Hawk on Skateboarding with His Daughter

Tony Hawk = Good Skateboarder and an Awesome Dad!

Spider Dances to Cuban Pete, Expertly:


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