25 Christian Memes to DM Your Youth Group ASAP

Growing up in church, my life was lacking something; little did I know it was Christian memes. I wish I could go back in time and share some of these with my Sunday school friends! Instead, I’ve compiled a list to share with you all. Enjoy!

1. No exceptions!

2. …are you sure about that?

3. Perfect use of a Doctor Who reference.

4. Sunday morning sermons after a sleepover with your BFF be like…

5. If you like to talk to tomatoes…

6. AMEN.


8. I give this look as my stomach grumbles thinking about the Sunday brunch waiting for me in the fellowship hall.


10. The best Naruto run meme yet.

11. If we’re all children of God, that means Heaven will have plenty of dad jokes, right?

12. I’ll remember that next time…

13. So close, yet so far…

14. Give em all striped sweaters, while you’re at it, too!

15. Boppin’ to Cardi B on the radio like

16. Baby’s first memory…

17. Well, you didn’t have to go there, but I get it.

18. Me at work like

19. Honey, you’ve got a big storm comin’.

20. Current relationship status:

21. Pilate, we have a problem.

22. How did the old ladies next to me get so good at flipping those thin pages? Is there a how-to article someone can link me to?

23. “hold my beer”

24. Too relatable!

25. Exactly what happened with the unicorns and sasquatches.


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48 “The Office” Memes for Every Dunder Mifflin Die-Hard

Hello, my name is Kara and I have watched The Office, from Pilot to Finale, at least a dozen times, and I’m only 20 years old. If you’re like me, you know that there’s a quote, reference, or joke from The Office that fits any situation you’ll ever be in, and that’s a fact. I’ve compiled 48 of the best memes about The Office that not only have I not seen before, but they actually made me chuckle (not just breathe heavily out of my nose).

1. I won’t lie, I’ve definitely been singing Hunter’s hit single since I began writing this article.


3. Jim went from Tuna to an absolute SNACC.

4. Change mind? No can.

5. …oh yeah!

6. When you at an Alicia Keys concert and accidentally get high

7. Just poopin’, you know how I be.

8. Fun Fact: Paul Liberstein, actor/writer who plays Toby Flenderson, is the only star of The Office who remains unverified on Twitter.

9. Sittin’ in my office with a plate of grilled bacon,
Call my man Dwight just to see what was shakin’!

10. That’s just disrespectful. But very, very accurate.

11. Give me a happy ending to Jam or give me death!

12. Tag yourself and your friends! I’m definitely Toby, and I’m not sure how to feel about that.

13. How I plan to be until at least age 35.

14. A+ meme usage.


15. You already KNOW what’s about to go down…

16. …and I’m never ready for it.

17. I don’t think I’ve ever picked up on this joke…

18. If you talk to me, you’re asking for it, tbh.

19. Only 364 days until the next pretzel day.

20. According to this pie chart, it seems that I am right on schedule.

21. Darryl and his piano make my heart smile.

22. Onion loaves > men, always.


23. I think I’ll pass on this. I’m aiming for a Pam/Jim scenario instead.

24. If you can’t handle me at my beet harvest, you don’t deserve me at my contractual obligation to conceive.

25. I relate deeply to this scene. It actually hurts my soul.

26. Karen was awful, and it had nothing to do with Pam. End of story.

27. This is the first instance where I saw this meme and it actually made sense!

28. I’m constantly alternating between 8 and 3, but the true Jan Levinson is all of them at once.

29. I’m not sure if I’d laugh or cry if this happened to me.



31. Please stop doing this. It never works.

32. Was this…was this made for me?

33. Great marketing.

34. Bingo.

35. I think about doing this every year for my friends’ birthdays, but I never do.


36. There honestly is an episode of the office for every mood.

37. It shocks me how well his head fits into Drake’s jacket in the first frame.

38. Precisely.

39. I think I’ve actually witnessed this in person.

40. Celery is horrible. Don’t @ me.


42. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, baby. Don’t kill my vibe.

43. It all comes full circle all at once when you start growing up.

44. RIP Sprinkles.

45. Only THE most respectful man in the history of men.

46. …I just wanna know who to talk to about this.

47. Astonishingly Schrute-like.

48. And finally, A Quiet Office turns into A Quiet Place.



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28 Work Memes for People Who Hate Working

Taking a quick break from drab office emails and conference calls? Check out 28 work memes that’ll make your job slightly more bearable…for at least 3 more minutes.

1. That moment when…

2. Grit those teeth and take a deep breath, because Sharon won’t shut up about her grandchildren again.

3. Sad Kermit hates your job as much as you do.

4. Having a job is a lie. I can afford nothing except anything with the word “instant” in the title.

5. Margs are the only thing I’m currently living for, Donna.

6. There’s nothing like a quick WebMD search about your racing heartbeat and shaking hands to liven up your morning!

7. Oh God, did I just make a friend?! How do I return it?!


8. I really tried to tell them how awful it was here with my eyes. I really did.

9. I got my eyes on that swivel with that extra cushion you got there, Michael. Also, happy retirement, I guess.

10. I was excited to come back to work until I came back to work.

11. I have standards, and they’re disturbingly low.

12. Just email the questions after the meeting! Is it really that hard?

13. Why yes I did just Google the company for the first time in the parking lot before this interview, thanks for asking.

14. It’s like you’re supposed to be thankful you get to work more.

15. If it isn’t already laying on my floor in a crumpled pile, it’s too fancy for work.

16. Ask me again if I want to work a double right now. I dare you.

17. I’d laugh harder if I wasn’t once an intern myself.

18. My briefcase holds approximately 2 boxes of Franzia. Cheers!

19. I wish.


20. Its almost like it has always been a problem that could have been avoided if it was addressed when I first came across it!

21. That’s right. Soak it all in. Loathe the confines of these walls. Welcome, my child.

22. If you’re accusing me of putting Starbucks over my job, you’re absolutely right.

23. Y’all are paying me to be nice to customers, not be nice to thin air. Don’t come at me for my RBF.

24. Bless your dear soul.

25. What I learned in boating school is…

26. The Lord is testing me. My prayers have yet to be answered.

27. I love being shot-out. It’s a full-time job.

28. You either quit as Sleeping Beauty or live to see yourself become Maleficent.


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