28 Work Memes for People Who Hate Working


Taking a quick break from drab office emails and conference calls? Check out 28 work memes that’ll make your job slightly more bearable…for at least 3 more minutes.

1. That moment when…

2. Grit those teeth and take a deep breath, because Sharon won’t shut up about her grandchildren again.

3. Sad Kermit hates your job as much as you do.

4. Having a job is a lie. I can afford nothing except anything with the word “instant” in the title.

5. Margs are the only thing I’m currently living for, Donna.

6. There’s nothing like a quick WebMD search about your racing heartbeat and shaking hands to liven up your morning!

7. Oh God, did I just make a friend?! How do I return it?!


8. I really tried to tell them how awful it was here with my eyes. I really did.

9. I got my eyes on that swivel with that extra cushion you got there, Michael. Also, happy retirement, I guess.

10. I was excited to come back to work until I came back to work.

11. I have standards, and they’re disturbingly low.

12. Just email the questions after the meeting! Is it really that hard?

13. Why yes I did just Google the company for the first time in the parking lot before this interview, thanks for asking.

14. It’s like you’re supposed to be thankful you get to work more.

15. If it isn’t already laying on my floor in a crumpled pile, it’s too fancy for work.

16. Ask me again if I want to work a double right now. I dare you.

17. I’d laugh harder if I wasn’t once an intern myself.

18. My briefcase holds approximately 2 boxes of Franzia. Cheers!

19. I wish.


20. Its almost like it has always been a problem that could have been avoided if it was addressed when I first came across it!

21. That’s right. Soak it all in. Loathe the confines of these walls. Welcome, my child.

22. If you’re accusing me of putting Starbucks over my job, you’re absolutely right.

23. Y’all are paying me to be nice to customers, not be nice to thin air. Don’t come at me for my RBF.

24. Bless your dear soul.

25. What I learned in boating school is…

26. The Lord is testing me. My prayers have yet to be answered.

27. I love being shot-out. It’s a full-time job.

28. You either quit as Sleeping Beauty or live to see yourself become Maleficent.