Ye Olde Mid Week Funny Status Updates for Facebook

Ahoy me mateys!  Or is it maties?   FB (Pirate) Grammar Police where you at?

Anyhow, welcome back loyal Facebook Fans & followers.  Today you will be rewarded with twice the goodness we usually post.  Without further ado here are the hilarious funny status updates for Facebook….

Funny Mid Week Status Updates for Facebook:

  • Have you heard about the online origami store? It folded.
  • I went to a deli where they were serving 24-hour breakfasts. They looked great, but I couldn’t spare that much time.
  • After one look at this planet, any visitor from outer space would say “I want to see the manager.” W. S. Burroughs
  • If age is just a number, can I get mine unlisted?  (From our Facebook Fan Page)
  • says it’s responsible for more dates leading to marriages that any other online site. And yet, it has no warning label.
  • With great power comes a great electric bill.
  • I’ve honestly never sought after beauty, but my wife is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  (This one will win you major points 🙂 )
  • I bet regular carrots make fun of mini-carrots. I bet they call them “carrunts.” I despise carrot-on-carrot bullying.
  • I can never remember whether or not I’m supposed to mess with Texas.

How come so many people Roll On The Floor *Laughing*? If I’m rolling on the floor, it’s usually because I’m on fire. Send help.

Funny Picture to Post:

Now that was a rough night!

The REAL funny thing about this picture is google image search for “Car in Pool” and odds are you can find your exact make / model of car and really fool your friends.   It is stunning how many people want to drive their cars into their pools.

Funny Video to Post:


A bird imitating a camera and a chainsaw?!?!  Now that is pretty wild!  Check back tomorrow for more awesome content.

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