Ultimate Snowman, Treadmill Fun, and Creative Statuses

Twas the day before Thanksgiving, and we give you these…

Creative Facebook Statuses:

  1. Warning: I just get weirder.
  2. Pretty busy today. Was only able to check my phone 1400 times.
  3. That mini heart attack you get when your foot misses one step on the stairs.
  4. I’m so good at sleeping I can do it with my eyes closed.
  5. The awkward moment when you post a status update with a spelling error and you realize it after it’s been liked by 2 people.
  6. How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you’re on.
  7. I have been checking Facebook less and less. If this continues, I’ll eventually forget about all those people for the 2nd time.
  8. Every-time I run I hear Mario Brothers theme song in my head, and look for things to jump over.
  9. I did responsible things all day so tonight will consist of nothing that even resembles responsibility.
  10. Every-time I hear strangers talking to each other in foreign languages I always automatically assume they’re talking shit.
  11. Always up late? Always last to leave the party? You may be afflicted with: FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. There is no known cure.
  12. Somehow my plans to work out didn’t work out.
  13. If Jimmy cracked corn and no one cares, then why the heck is there a song about it???
  14. One of the worst things is assuming you have some gum when you really don’t.
  15. I need the “Viewer Discretion Advised” voice to narrate my life.
  16. Why is it everytime your in a rush to go somewhere nobody knows how to drive, and that you seem to catch every light?
  17. I’m old enough to know what’s bad for me and young enough to do it.
  18. I’m so happy Facebook wasn’t around when I was in high school.
  19. I’m just like any other person who wants an honest months pay for a decent days work.
  20. I’m watching this show on stalkers, still haven’t seen any of you yet.

 Yesterdays Status Updates…

Ultimate Snowman… erhm, uhm, I mean Snowdog.

ultimate snowdog

Now, that’s impressive. Well done, madam, well done.

Treadmill Fun:


What an ambitious little feller! So cute 🙂 Share if you enjoyed!

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