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Most Liked Status Updates:

  1. Love means sharing your thoughts, your fears, your dreams, your hopes and your french fries.
  2. I’m convinced that the employees of Ikea were just used to be customers who didn’t know how to get out and just gave up.
  3. The self checkout line was invented by a guy who was sent to the store to buy tampons.
  4. The older I get, the more I enjoy being bored.
  5. Drinks at the bar should be served in capri sun-like pouches, and if you can’t get the straw in then they cut you off.
  6. A woman always worries about the things that men forget and men always worry about the things women remember.
  7. It should be illegal to play a police siren on the radio!
  8. When I see a ridiculously hot person in a shitty car I always wonder what went wrong.
  9. I need a matchmaking service for socks.
  10. And I was like “No, Coke is NOT ok. I wanted a Pepsi.” And she was all “Sir, 911 should only be dialed for real emergencies.”
  11. We should have a way of telling people their breath stinks without hurting their feelings like, for example: “I’m bored, lets go brush your teeth!”
  12. You’ll never get the same results running in place as you will running from a lion.
  13. “I’ve been super busy” really just means “you’re not worth the effort”.
  14. The speed in which a woman says “nothing” when asked “what’s wrong” is inversely proportional to the severity of the shitstorm that’s coming.
  15. Guys are like fish… Yeah there are plenty in the sea but we sometimes forget that part of the sea is polluted and may produce dis-functional, mutated fish.
  16. Panicking searching for your iPhone in your pockets and realizing your holding it in your hand. There’s no app for that.
  17. Don’t think too much. You’ll create a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place.
  18. My internet went down yesterday. I think my neighbor forgot to pay the bill. How irresponsible…
  19. There’s nothing more annoying than having a song stuck in your head that you don’t know all the words to.
  20. Sometimes I speak in a different font but no one ever notices.

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Happy Sheepie:

Happy Little Cute Sheep

How adorable is that?!?!?! Make the world a better place and share this little cutie 🙂 (source: imgur)

Guy Skydives with an Umbrella: (WARNING: Trained Professional, do not try this at home)


I think everyone has wondered about that at some point. Glad he can make it seem so elegant 🙂 Share this Youtube Viral Video on your FB page for likes & shares.

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