More funny Status Update ‘s


Welcome back, hopefully you had a wonderful weekened.  Now here are some knee slappers for the long week ahead…


  • //orking like I’m making the pyramids… except I get constant bathroom breaks.
  • working for the weekend, like everybody, duh!
  • aggressively attempting to solve rubiks cube.
  • perusing youtube and craigslist at the same time.
  • looking to chat with someone… anyone!
  • sleepier than a mofo.
  • trying to get a raise.  Not that kind.. get your mind out of the gutter.
  • putting whiskey in my coffee this morning.
  • thinking of 100 different things I want for lunch today.

Hope you enjoyed those random thoughts.  Check back for some sweet movie quotes that you can set as your status update next time around.  PEACE!