How to get Facebook Mobile on your phone.

If you are ever looking to go mobile with your facebook there are tons of different options for different cell phones!  In fact, most modern cell phones like iPhone & Blackberry come equipped with the potential to be online and facebooking in minutes.  Below are the two quickest ways to get Facebook on your mobile:

How to get facebook on your iPhone ::

Simply open up the AppStore and search for “Facebook” then download the application.  After the application is downloaded enter your credentials and login, your good to go – easy as pie!

How to get facebook on your blackberry ::

Most modern blackberries come with the facebook application already installed.  If yours didn’t or you somehow erased it follow these steps to be facebooking again in no time at all…

On your blackberry browser visit

OR you can click here to goto a page where you enter your e-mail to have the facebook download sent directly to your phone.

Facebook on other smart phones like motorola and nokia …