Hidden Panda, Dog vs. Helicopter, & Rad Status Updates

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Rad Facebook Status Updates:

  1. When I’m alone in my house, every sound is a ghost.
  2. I just read last year 4,153,237 ppl got married. I don’t want to start any trouble, but shouldn’t that be an even number?
  3. After 11, please stop counting in months how old your kid is.
  4. Our generation is going to have the weirdest grandparents ever. Tatted, pierced up, not giving an eff & listening to rap music.
  5. Insomnia – the art of falling asleep just as your alarm goes off to start the day.
  6. How do I gently tell people that I don’t want to speak to their babies on the phone ever again?
  7. Honestly, I’ver never see anyone fall because of a banana.
  8. Getting addicted to a show, then watching all the episodes and feeling so empty when you finish them, because it’s over.
  9. I have a boyfriend. Oh wait no… No, that’s a fridge. I have a fridge.
  10. “When do we eat stuff?” -My brain, all day.
  11. Remember that no matter how much somebody loves you, there is a dog somewhere that loves you more.
  12. I need my coffee before I start pretending to work.
  13. So, I’ve been told hard work is the key to success, but I’m not above picking a lock every now and then.
  14. I wonder whether I can trust doctors with dead plants in the waiting room.
  15. You know you’ve hit a new level of procrastination when you’re too lazy to go eat.
  16. I looked at the keyboard earlier and I noticed ‘U’ & ‘I’ are together, it’s meant to be! Then I looked underneath it & it said JK.
  17. I have deja moo… the feeling I have heard this bull before.
  18. I want my tombstone to read: Keep In Touch.
  19. Sometimes it’s funnier when you DON’T add “lol” at the end.
  20. There’s a good reason I’m up this late: because I have to wake up really early.

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Kung Fu Panda Hides:

Hiding Panda

Well done, Kung Fu Panda. You’re a master of disguise!

Dog Vs. Helicopter:


That. Was. Hilarious. Share if you want 😛

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