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Awesome Facebook Statuses:

  1. Reading texts while half asleep is like looking into the sun.
  2. That awkward moment when your walking down the stairs and think theres another step and you hulk stomp the ground.
  3. If my best friend hates you then I automatically hate you.
  4. “I didn’t get your text.” = Biggest lie ever told.
  5. I always plan on going to bed early. Then 4 hours later I’m wide awake watching Netflix and scrolling through my phone.
  6. Where can I download motivation??
  7. Girls fall in love by what they hear. Guys fall in love by what they see. That’s why most girls wear makeup and most guys lie.
  8. Shopping for clothes would be a lot more fun if I had a thinner body and a fatter wallet.
  9. I like food and sleep. If I give you my food or text you all night, you’re special to me.
  10. “Message sent failed. Would you like to retry?” Well, OBVIOUSLY, I was sending it for a reason.
  11. Reading Facebook in the morning like it’s the daily paper.
  12. Saying “AAAAAAAH” in front of the fan to hear your robot voice.
  13. Be crazy, be weird, and don’t be afraid of what anybody thinks.
  14. Dear life, when I said “Can my day get any worse” it was a rhetorical question not a challenge!
  15. If someone texts “K”, just reply with “L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z”.
  16. Our phones fall, we panic. Our friends fall, we laugh.
  17. Forever wondering what my language sounds like to people who can’t speak it.
  18. When I see you, I am happy, I love you not for what you look like, I love you for what you have inside. -Me to my fridge
  19. Isn’t it odd how people kill flys just because they’re annoying? If people killed people for being annoying I would’ve died like 15 years ago.
  20. You have lips….. I have lips …… interesting.

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Mesmerized KittEh

Mesmerized Kitty

Straight hypnotized! Dem Eyes! Can’t. Stop. Staring. [source : imgur]

Rottweiler Saves Little Doggie From Coyote:


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