Golf Cart Jump, Bear Yawning, and Interesting Status Posts

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Interesting Status Updates for Facebook:

  • Everyone has that one friend who treats their Facebook status like their therapist.  ( Funny Status iPhone App ★★★★★)
  • Best part about staying up late = total absence of morning people.
  • Notice how writers don’t rewrite books, how about we stop remaking movies.
  • Tripping over an object, then verbally abusing it.
  • If you are living your life without giving an “f”, You are living a li[ ]e.
  • If couples who are in love are called “love birds.” Then couples who always argue should be called “angry birds.”
  • The last word of this status is beside the point.
  • The awkward moment when you’re waiting for a text but then you realize you’re the one who didn’t reply. (Source: Funny Status Update Fan Page )
  • If you hate haters, are you a hater?
  • Phone on silent. 10 missed calls. Turns volume to loudest. Nobody calls all day.
  • Know Yourself. Understand Yourself. Correct Yourself.
  • The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water it.
  • Genuine friendship depends on genuine affection and taking a sense of responsibility for each other.
  • 80% of the time I go to get a snack I’m not hungry, I’m just bored.
  • “I’m sorry” and “my bad” mean the same thing… Unless you’re at a funeral.  (VIA Twitter: @FreeFunnyStuff )
  • People who stay awake till late night are more intelligent than the people who go to bed early and rise early for the day, study suggests.
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Just a bear yawning:

Bear yawning.

Kind of weird but, kind of makes me want to yawn too! Share this awesome picture in one click by putting your mouse over the image and pressing “Click here to share”.

Bonus funny picture: Boat Dog

If you ever felt the need to jump a golf cart…


Don’t do it! Because it will probably end up badly 🙂 Share this embarrassingly awesome viral video with your Facebook friends so they too can feel the pain.

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