Goat Cat, Dem Eyes, & Top Facebook Statuses

The Top Goods on FB this week…

Top Facebook Statuses:

  1. Don’t be afraid to be open-minded. Your brain isn’t going to fall out.
  2. I’m pretty sure that it’s easier to leave most street gangs than it is to cancel a membership to L.A. Fitness.
  3. Oh, you think you have relationship problems? Try separating me from my bed in the morning.
  4. I think that a butt-dial is a polite form of booty-call.
  5. Whenever I select next-day delivery for an online purchase, I imagine someone, somewhere, yells FUCK really loud then people scurry like mad.
  6. People say ‘hate’ is such a strong word, yet they throw around ‘love’ like it’s nothing.
  7. I tell people I hate chocolate and they try to give it to me to convert me. I should tell people I hate tempur-pedic beds and orgasms.
  8. Saw a bug crawling on my arm and my reaction can only be described as “grabbing for swirling dollars inside a plexiglas Cash Cube.”
  9. Drinking beer is like pouring smiles on your brain.
  10. If she replies to your sarcasm with sarcasm instead of just getting offended…. She’s a keeper!
  11. Jealousy is something you’re good at when you think you suck at everything.
  12. I see subway employees are still having their “how much lettuce can you fit on a sandwich” contest.
  13. Call me lazy, but if it takes two clicks I’m not reading it.
  14. Thinks the toaster should give some sort of an indication when its going to pop instead of scaring the **** out of me when it does.
  15. Excuse me lady in the check out line in front of me purchasing both a box of condoms and a pregnancy test…..How’s your day going?
  16. Every time I seen an abandoned shoe on the highway it makes me sad that I’ve never partied that hard.
  17. Cat hair is lonely people glitter.
  18. Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it’s a brighter day.
  19. I’m more of a dog person because if I have to feed something and clean up its poo I want it to be obsessed with me.
  20. I was told I needed to do some soul searching… so I Googled James Brown.

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Dem Eyes…

Curious Kitty

Sure, come on in… you can have whatever you like 🙂

Kitten Sounds Like a Goat:


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