Excited Dog, Surprise, & Silly Status Posts

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Silly Status Updates for Facebook:

  • That awkward moment when you can’t stop laughing while telling a joke and when your finally done your friends doesn’t even get it. (From our 4.5 Star Rated: Funny Status iPhone App ★★★★★)
  • On the phone, “Well, I better get going.” = “I’m tired of talking to you.”
  • People who are easily offended by offensive things offend me.
  • That amazing moment when the person you miss randomly texts you.
  • Seeing a cute couple, and thinking: “I want a relationship like that.”
  • It’s only a matter of time until “Security Cameras of Wal-Mart” is a reality TV show.
  • Just because I don’t talk to you, or text you first, doesn’t mean I don’t miss you. I’m just waiting for you to miss me.
  • Admit it, at some point in time you’ve tried to see if you had superpowers.  (Source: Funny Status Update Fan Page )
  • Police officer walks up to me* Police: “Where were you between 4 and 6?” Me: “Kindergarten.”
  • Your call is very important to us. Please enjoy this 45 minute flute solo.
  • Best friends have Conversations impossible to understand by other people…
  • “What comes after the letter P?” Normal People: “Q” Me: “Wait, A, B, C, D, E, F, G…
  • Currently having an “out-of-money” experience.
  • “Is there going to be food?””Yeah””Ok then I’m coming.”  (VIA Twitter: @FreeFunnyStuff )
  • That awkward moment when you flip your hair and nobody gets overwhelmed.


Surprised Kitty

Talk about CUTE 🙂 that is adorable! Share with your friends by hovering your mouse cursor over the picture and clicking “Click to Share”.

This might be the world’s most excited dog…

I can’t remember being that excited over anything in a long while! Let that dog be an inspiration for us all to enjoy the little things in life 🙂 Share on your Facebook newsfeed for LIKEs & Shares over that incredible excitement.

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