Buzzer Beater, Cute Kitten, and Great Status Updates

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Great Facebook Status Updates:

  1. That awkward moment when you sing the wrong part of a song with confidence.
  2. I wonder if I’ll ever be mature enuff to use a stud finder without first pointing it at myself and saying “there’s one”.
  3. It is SO much easier to turn friendship into love, than love into friendship.
  4. The word ‘smithereens’ isn’t used nearly enough.
  5. The bat signal seems pretty useless if they need Batman during the day.
  6. It’s hard to be naked and baked without wondering why the two words don’t rhyme.
  7. I sprayed a mosquito with mosquito repellent and now he’ll never have any friends.
  8. cuss words = sentence enhancers
  9. Why is it that people with the crappiest music always want to play it the loudest?
  10. That awkward moment when you can’t remember what you were going to do but you do remember you were going to do something.
  11. I hate it when I say I hate everyone & then someones like ‘oh except me lol’ no not except u now u made it to the top of the list well done.
  12. So the bad news is I got a little tipsy last night. It worked out though. When I walked across the dance floor I won the dancing contest.
  13. Gas prices aren’t really that bad when you remember that you’re essentially buying badass dinosaurs in liquid form.
  14. I just lost 20 lbs. on the “I have no steady income” diet!
  15. There’s a restaurant serving a gallon of margaritas for the same price as a gallon of gas… genius.
  16. The Home Alone house is up for sale for 2.4 mil. I’d pay 2.5 (if I had it) just so I could say, “Keep the change you filthy animal.”
  17. A few bad decisions really liven up a boring day.
  18. My kids will be mad at me when they discover it isn’t illegal to talk in the car while I’m driving.
  19. Dear FB Friends/Family: You can’t find out who saw your profile. You won’t see what you’ll look like in the future. You won’t know what that man saw when he walked in on his daughter. There are no free iPads. And you can’t see the video of Osama’s death… Not on Facebook. Please stop clicking the spam links and exposing yourself and friends to virus risks!
  20. Ordering a water with lemon says “I’m too cheap to buy a drink, but I still like a little zing.”

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Super Cute Kitten Vs. Super Cute Fawn:

A kitten and a fawn.

Warning, posting that on your Facebook may cause your friends hearts to melt. So….. ADORABLE!

EPIC Buzzer Beater:


WOW, what a shot and perfect capture of such an amazing moment. Share this video with someone who thinks it can’t be done. There’s always a chance!

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