Baby Babble, Proofreading, & 20 Awesome Facebook Statuses

Make someones Thursday, share one of these..

20 Awesome Facebook Statuses:

  1. I want to go on a shopping trip where I am the only one in the shopping mall and everything I want is free.
  2. Do you ever get in an “I don’t know” phase in your life. Where you literally don’t have a solid answer to anything. you. just. don’t. know.
  3. Just because I find you attractive doesn’t mean I like you. You’re appealing to my eyes, not my heart or mind. It is not that deep.
  4. I wish I could veto my bills.
  5. I’m actually the meanest person when I’m stressed. I would literally yell shut up to anything that is making noise.
  6. When a new friend thinks you’re crazy but they have only seen level 1.
  7. Sleep feels the way pizza tastes.
  8. Stalking is such a strong word. Let’s call it….social investigating.
  9. That moment when your sock keeps slipping down in your shoe and you want to murder your sock.
  10. Make yourself indispensable at work by hiding everything.
  11. “F*ck it.” – my final thought before making most decisions.
  12. I don’t need fewer clothes. I need more closet.
  13. That awkward moment when you have to try to act human before your cup of coffee.
  14. Hang on, let me overthink this.
  15. I think it’s funny when dogs hide under the bed when they’re scared. I’m like “you idiot, that’s the first place monsters go!”
  16. Marriage is like the IKEA of relationships. Easy to walk into, confusing to piece together and difficult to exit.
  17. Sometimes I spend whole meetings wondering how they got the big meeting table through the door.
  18. I just want to be famous enough to have a Wikipedia page full of misinformation about me.
  19. It takes me like three days to wake up in the morning.
  20. That grass that you think is greener. They use bullshit for fertilizer. Think about that before you jump the fence.

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