40 Depression Memes for When Memes Are All You Have

Depression memes are a product of millennial culture. To say they’re a healthy coping mechanism is a stretch, but they do make even the worst bouts of depression a bit more bearable. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. A live view inside my mind’s drive-thru lane:

2. *clink clink*

3. The good ol’ days.

4. It’s an adventure all in itself. 

5. Level 113 takes serious skill to master, but I’m proud to say I got my badge in “Alternate Universe Creation” back in 2014.

6. The choice is yours, but a combination of both is preferable.


7. I wonder what she’s listening to…

8. Where is the lie?

9. I mean like, I think about it a lot but I wouldn’t say I’d ask for it…

10. Let’s get on with it, buddy. I’m trying to miss that training meeting at 3.

11. Ah, I remember the first time I scared someone by accidentally oversharing what goes on inside my head. 

12. Time’s a-ticking!

13. My squishy boi is an asshole.

14. You got a point, there.

15.  They just… get me.

16. Me on my way to Whole Foods to get organic groceries I somehow think will cure my depression

17. LMAO y’all thought

18. I feel personally victimized by this relatable content.

19. Where can I get the full subscription?

20. It’s not going to happen.

21. The perfect example of what I call “optimistic nihilism”.

22. Death naps are the key to being moderately happy

23. *pop*

24. An actual pic of me trying to do the bare minimum but still stressing out about it

25. Curse you, Steve Jobs!

26. Don’t go easy on me!

27. We’re breaking records here, people. I didn’t think we’d reach this level, but we did.

28. I mean like, if I could find the motivation to do basic daily activities, I’d do them, let alone paint a landscape.

29. If that’s the case, I’d have you in my bed every night.

30. Wakey wakey, body. Time to be a mere piece of the machine.

31. I mean, I guess I’ll take it.

32. Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been busy laying in bed living off of Easy Mac and Oreos.

33. thanks! i hate it.

34. Walking into therapy with the scribbled notes I took during a manic episode like 

35. I dunno, the cat?


36. Better leave now or else I’ll force you to carry it with me by oversharing.

37. My favorite song in the club.

38. I can’t just pencil you in for whenever, Sarah.

39. Life is definitely a neckbeard.

40. Wake up, bitch. Time to think about everything you’ve ever done that was remotely embarrassing.


In all seriousness, if you are thinking about killing yourself, or feel helpless, call the 24-hour, free and confidential, national suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255. No one should suffer alone, and remember, your friends at FunnyStatus care about you!