46 Hilarious Disney Memes For Every Mouseketeer at Heart


The Disney fandom is absolutely MASSIVE. Ranging from babies who can’t even walk yet to the oldest of the elderly, everyone has their own favorites when it comes to Disney. Whether you like Disney for its theme parks, heartwarming movies, catchy music, or anything in between, you’re bound to enjoy these Disney memes!

1. The truest scene from any Disney movie.

2. Get you a man that loves you like Bing Bong loved Riley.

3. Well, this is disheartening…

4. Guess I have to listen to this all day…

5. He has a good point…

6. *ba dum tiss*

7. @Disney: cast him in the new live-action Lion King!

8. The evolution of Buster the dog in Toy Story is one of the best character developments of all time.

9. Bippity Boppity Booze!

10. Christmas 2018 idea:

11. You know you’ve reached peak comfortability with your partner when you both fart like the second pic.

12. On average, a guest at a Disney park walks 10 miles, which burns approximately 1000 calories. So go ahead and eat that Dole Whip and Turkey Leg! You deserve it.

13. Nemo had an Emo phase.

14. How did I never pick up on this reference as a kid?

15. Adorable!

16. Ah, yes. I remember my first time too.

17. Science side of the internet, do your thing.

18. If anyone knows the answer to this, please let us know. It’s tripping us out.

19. Jack Jack Attack is the greatest Disney animated short of all time.

20. Couples Costume for Halloween 2018?

21. A true showwoman doesn’t hold back.

22. Never trust anyone with a lime green aura.

23. I mean, I’m just giving them what they’re asking for.

24. Do…not…close…eyes.

25. Me on every date I’ve ever been on, overly aggressive and supremely anxious.

26. If that was my shirt, I’d keep that label on it just for the irony.

27. LMAO

28. This could be the best crossover of all time.

29. The irony is too much in this one.


31. I feel bad for any innocent soul that tunes in thinking its a feel-good movie.

32. A warning would’ve been nice, dad.

33. That penguin is wiiiild.

34. Very, very true. Highly recommend.

35. Definitely my favorite meme of this whole set.

36. This year, grab two of your closest friends and do this!

37. How to make sure your kid turns out to be evil: give them an awful name.


39. Wow! They’re all so beautiful!

40. Honestly, I didn’t catch on for a hot minute.

41. Okay, this is definitely AWESOME. Perfect for Halloween or “crazy outfit” day at your kids school.

42. Definitely remember thinking this back in 2008.

43. At my first therapy appointment like

44. word.

45. Wall-E is a lot scarier than most people think because it is totally plausible.

46. Wait…what?!