22 Shrek Memes for When The Years Don’t Stop Coming


This year, on May 18th, Shrek turns 17 years old. Though the franchise has since died out of movie theaters, the internet has kept the series far more than just alive. Shrek memes are thriving on the internet, from edgy memes to crossover memes, even to memes throughout the middle-aged women on Facebook. The success of Shrek memes is crazy, and we’ve gathered a few killer ones for you to laugh about.

1. Here’s an inspirational quote to start your day off right.

2. Whoops! My b.

3. This is pretty much guaranteed to work on your next lover.

4. I need a breather after looking at this one.

5. Don’t get me all up in my feels like this.

6. I can always rely on Google to show me what I’m really looking for.

7. Fairy Godmother is the original badass bitch.

8. Green onion and golden pineapple.

9. Why? Just… why?

10. Wow, if I had never seen Shrek, I definitely could confuse this picture with my ex.

11. Today’s words of wisdom:

12. Point made.

13. How much for the medallion with God on it? That one, right there in the middle?

14. After the General dropped Shaq as their spokesperson, Shaq turned to other means to make ends meet.

15. I know a billion-dollar blockbuster when I see one.

16. Save this for a rainy day when you can only be passive aggressive to someone.

17. The eyes are the windows to the soul’s innermost desires.

18. The only party I’d ever go to.

19. We were blessed with the entire Shrek franchise just because Shrek couldn’t get his swamp back.

20. I’d still eat it.

21. Don’t make eye contact… if you don’t see him, he won’t see you.

22. I wonder what their reception was like… They definitely played some Smash Mouth.