Funniest Triggered Meme Collection to Pass Your Day

Pepe the frog meme

There’s nothing more comforting than knowing you’re in the right about something. And what better way to tell everyone that than with a Triggered Meme! Whether it be a glimpse of a Kardashian on a newsstand, or that annoying song playing over and over again on the radio, there’s a triggered meme to describe how on high alert you are now that that thing–that awful thing–has happened. 

Did someone just spoil the finale of a show for you? Did they leave the cabinet doors open AGAIN?! Explore your inner rage with these memes, give into the complete delirium of the world just being too much. Everyone knows that feeling when you just can’t look past what was just said, and you need to express how you feel about it in meme form. These triggered memes might be funny, but we know deep down that we are 100% serious about how on the verge we are of losing our minds if we have to deal with this anymore! Revel in your anger with this collection of triggered memes.

Funniest Triggered Memes

smiling man and woman watching on laptop

Image Source: Pixabay

Out Of This World Memes

woman lying on the grass with funny expression

Image Source: Pixabay

3 triggers are better than one.

So triggered you’re in another dimension.

If it’s not sully she can’t see it!

He’ll always have his rubies.

This answer has all the answers.

There’s no room for stereotypes here.

I thought the future was better than this.

Common Ground Memes

four smiley emoticon

Image Source: Pixabay

Nothing like a bad joke to trigger some hate she-mail.

Throw more beans, less kids.

She’s everywhere, even when the show is gone!

Over one billion served.

I asked for bones with my salad!

Can Gary do a salt bath?

The tinier the dog, the bigger the trigger.

He’s gonna show us the grapes of wrath.

Crazy Memes

woman sitting on couch laughing

Image Source: Pixabay

What? Were his hands gonna fall off?

Do you know where the trigger is? Tu sabes?

There’s also a monthly subscription.

Let’s make this clear.

Parents will understand.

Every year is an awkward year of high school, am I right?

I’m smashing this glass once I get a chair to reach it.

Pop Culture Memes

cat wearing eye glasses

Image Source: Pixabay

This is why Gordon Ramsay doesn’t go to the mid-west.

But we’re doing keto now.

I don’t think we’re supposed to cross universes like this yet.

Is… is that milk steak?

You spin me right round, baby right round…

Jack and Jill wasn’t THAT bad.

Give me your hand again.

Mojo no no!

It’s definitely what they were looking for, though.

It must be a Canadian thing.


five men in black suits wearing colorful socks

Image Source: Pixabay

Too much? You just don’t know how to use it.

Spies everywhere! These go by codename: snap, crackle, and pop.

Too soon, man.

All I see is flames; red flames of triggering.

Meme Puns

two girls laughing

Image Source: Pixabay

Double up Double Entendre.

These affects doctors and mythical creatures everywhere.

The first time Jack Donaghy is victimized, and the last!

Cold as I.C.E.

He just put lotion on, it’s slippery.

You should take your fedora off before you read this.

More Pop Culture

woman using hair blower

Image Source: Pixabay

Batman’s kryptonite

But if I have a clever shirt on, it might be different.

But what can you even buy in this store for a dollar?

The Rock gets best 2 out of 3.

This guy seems to be enjoying his triggering.

It changes to Rogered when you enter Star Wars land.

Two wrongs equal a triggered.

Lisa Simpson is a walking, talking, land mine.

Hulk is a master of his emotions.

The Amazing Universe of Memes

man in gray suit holding yellow banana as gun

Image Source: Pixabay

Why is the daisy in there, though?

Into another dimension of triggering memes.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with liking either.

Yo, class was lit today, American Lit.

Spoiler Alert: Only Queen Cersei will live.

Then there would be no genders left there.

Her hobbies include looking like a radish.

Textbook art is always triggering.

Not sure if triggering or dream come true.

Finish the Mission

two funny face of giraffe

Image Source: Pixabay

Did Pokemon XX have more of the cute ones?

How is he supposed to complete the mission?!

If only we all had a hammer for unnecessary touching, away!

Even Wonder Woman has been throwing shade.

The Lion Kween.

A fantasy too sexy to wish for.

I doubt it was his first time.

But he still sucks at taking out the trash.

For the Ladies

funny face of a man while eating lemon

Image Source: Pixabay

Feminists break down barriers everywhere.

And the woman takes care of the baby.

Not sure if triggered, or challenged.

We’ve All Been There

funny face of a man playing ball on his finger

Image Source: Pixabay

Do you validate parking?

This is why it’s important to learn the difference between there, their, and they’re.

The one on the right didn’t want the job.

Our reality isn’t as McFly.

This is perfect in many ways.

You can feel triggered no matter who you are.

I said it before, I’ll say it again, textbooks are triggering.


three green stuffed toy sitting in a wooden surface

Image Source: Pixabay

Just happy everyone was safe.

A game about the last men would be boring anyway.

They have their own space now.

Are Digimon and Pokemon cousins?

I can’t believe they pulled the trigger on this one.

Ban the cardigan, turn up the heat!

The safest C4 around, with the best turn ratio.

No no, I just need to earn some extra credit.

Say sorry too! It’s the nice thing to do!

I’m not saying, I’m JS.

Is this that six million dollar dude? One dollar jokes!

The newest SIMS game is awesome.

Irony and the Meme

two sheep facing each other

Image Source: Pixabay

His feathers were ruffled for sure.

There’s some irony for you.

Just because I’m a dog doesn’t mean that I’m not human!

For Photoshop Pros, otherwise brush it away.

Someone’s gotta try to get the bags.

At least I’ll still be a (sandwich) artist.

Dad Jokes

man trying to open the jar of pickled cucumber

Image Source: Pixabay

It’s not a guy thing, it’s a dad thing!

I heard it was to be more slippery.

And while we’re at it, a mile is unnecessary.

You could ask this monkey instead of assuming.

This book is 5x larger in 2018.

OMG, what is it? Is it fish?

He would know, it’s very true.

All the World Loves a Meme

funny face of a man smoking

Image Source: Pixabay

They end up being his three greatest loves.

Triggering to servers everywhere.

Recognizing all currencies.

No mention of whether she only shoots male animals though.

Not kids now though.

Let’s just settle this at the Pokemon Arena okay?

And it’s mostly white!

Shaky results on this one


laughing woman holding mobile phone

Image Source: Pe​​xels

So many triggers! So little time! But just enough triggered memes to go around. There’s always going to be something around that upsets us, and memes can help us cope with the onslaught of annoyance that people throw at us. Memes will always be here for us, and triggered memes will be the first in line to have your back and make you say “TRIGGERED!” because people need to know that there is certainly a line and it should be respected! 

Maybe you’re a werewolf, and you saw a picture of a full moon and you just can’t help it: it’s in your nature to howl and run off into the woods. On the flip side, you could just be an instigator, seeking out those who are easily triggered just for fun. In such cases, a gaggle of instigators get together and make memes relevant only to their particular pursuit. It’s like passing a note in class: only the two of you are going to laugh as much as you do. 

Maybe you put a lot of work into the meme; maybe it was about that one scene in that one movie that you guys saw together. It’s not really for the outside world, until it is, because there’s someone all the way on the other side of the country that noticed that same exact thing! Now they’re scouring the internet for a triggering meme that reflects exactly what they’re laughing at, and you’ve already made it! 

Humans connect on a number of levels, and mocking others together is one of the more fundamental methods in which humans connect. It might not always be pretty, in fact, a number of triggering memes can be, well, triggering to anyone outside of their intended viewer. That is also the point of them, though. 

Triggering memes are one of those strange loopholes on the internet that are formulated to keep the same people in the same, argumentative cycle. On the other hand, there are also the lighthearted triggering memes, like Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, Paper Scissors. The clean versions of triggering memes can sometimes be universal. Either way, you found the trigger, and a triggered meme is the number one way to communicate to those around you that someone is going to need to deal with this. Let the world know with one of these memes!