Girl Gets Slapped By Whale, Yellow Lights, and Really Good Status Updates

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Really Good Status Updates:

  1. That awkward moment when someone says something to you for the fifth time and you still don’t know what they said.
  2. Which Buzzfeed quiz are you? We are all dying to know.
  3. There’s always that one person who always catches you doing weird stuff.
  4. Our generation doesn’t ring the doorbell. They text or call to say they’re outside.
  5. Can I get a scholarship for eating?
  6. Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person.
  8. Any machine is a smoke machine if you just use it wrong enough!
  9. You say “YOLO”, I say “YADA”. You’re A Dumb Ass.
  10. Just saw a K9 sheriff car with a bumper sticker that said got dope?
  11. Words: For when an emoji just isn’t enough.
  12. Do stupid people ever hit a point in their life, where they realize they’re stupid?
  13. People say I’m sarcastic but I’m just investigating the effects of irony on morons.
  14. It’s only Wednesday and I’m 95% done with this week.
  15. Video Game Logic: Everyone worse than me is my bitch and everyone better than me has no life.
  16. Facebook spent $19 billion on Whatsapp. NASA’s budget for 2014 is $16 billion. Makes you think.
  17. Worry: a waste of imagination.
  18. 5 Stages of Life: 1. Just a kid. 2. Don’t want to be a kid. 3. Afraid you’re still a kid. 4. Definitely not a kid. 5. Wish you were a kid.
  19. Don’t rollerblade on a me.
  20. Shoutout to nature for not giving wings to snakes.

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Girl Gets Slapped By Whale:


Wow! Could you imagine if that happened to you?!? Good Guy Whale Pats Girl On Head.

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