22 College Memes That Will Make You Happy It’s Summer

College memes are their own breed. Ranging from depression memes to party memes to academic memes, they span across every aspect of being a university student. College might be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but by far, it’ll be one of the most fun periods of your life. Here are a few knee-slappers that sum up perfectly what life is like as a college student.

1. That’s how I like it. Poorly executed and quickly written.

2. This is what my typical week looks like.


3. Pro-tip: Always aim for university-owned vehicles, because that’s the only surefire way to get free tuition.

4. You can’t go to lectures if you’re in the hospital. Think smart, not hard.

5. That F is for finesse.

6. Repeat for 8-16 cycles and you have a diploma! Aaaaaand hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

7. Pretty much, yeah.

8. Nothing turns me on than not being graded besides optional attendance for lectures.

9. It takes talent to be as consistently terrible as eduroam is.

10. I didn’t think I’d be alive this morning, so I guess we are ahead of schedule here.

11. Hey you! How’s it going? I was in 7/11 and saw this chocolate and I knew it was your favorite so I got you some. Anyways how about we talk about curving that 61% to a 90%?

12. Yay ramen!

13. Honestly, this sums up my freshman year.

14. iF tHe PrOfEsSoR iS 15 mInUtEs LaTe We ArE lEgAlLy AlLoWeD tO lEaVe

15. The answer to not knowing what to do with your life after school is always more school.

16. Being a kiss ass to the hardest professors gets you a long way in college, not gonna lie.

17. I’m glad my campus isn’t the only one where public safety is an absolute joke.

18. Incoming Freshmen beware: college is a joke.

19. *copy pastes an entire paragraph-long question into google*
*Quizlet pops up and answers it for you*

20. Why is sleep never due tomorrow?

21. One time, I was sobbing in front of a computer in the library as a tour group went through. I have no shame in calling out the guides on their false advertising. If they want to come here, they better know what’s up.

22. Life moves fast when your diet consists of Starbucks, ramen, and Adderall.