38 Dog Memes to Appreciate All Doggos

Dogs are definitely walking meme machines. They’re dopey, cute, and nearly always happy. Dog owners know the pleasures of owning a fur baby, but the rest of the world deserves to know how awesome they are, too! Here is a small collection of dog memes to keep you satisfied at work, at home, or in your crate.

1. Next, try pawing desperately at the bottom of the couch until you tear the fabric. The tearing sound will get your human’s attention almost immediately!

2. Sometimes he barks but it’s only because he’s bilingual.

3. Its either bork or lick yourself for 3 hours so the entire bed shakes and your owner can’t sleep. I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them.

4. Do you intend to be buried? I know a guy who likes to bury bones. It’s me. I like to bury bones.

5. They already said they’re sorry! Don’t be mad!

6. An independent woman.

7. I forget dogs are colorblind 99% of the time…

8. Michelangelo has met his match.

9. Oh, this little thing? I just added some spray and went out the door! Nothing to it :))

10. I heard he got his Doctorate in Barkology.

11. I only wake up in cases of emergency, or food.

12. What do you mean I can’t go?

13. I could never trust my dogs to be so well behaved.

14. Dogs are the best nurses, therapists, and friends we could ever ask for.

15. Something about this just doesn’t seem right…

16. This definitely looks like something you’d find on a Hallmark card, but man, is it funny.

17. The smell of sweet, sweet relaxation.

18. My dog is probably on the other end of this call.

19. Labs are the most patriotic of dogs, even if they can’t understand patriotism.

20. Hyper speed bork!

21. Ah, yes. Sweet revenge.

22. My dogs definitely would’ve been a better choice in date than the guy I took. And to think that I even had a tuxedo picked out for my dog…

23. Look how scared he is! That poor baby.

24. Add this to your cross-country tour this summer.

25. Too real.


27. Science side of the internet: please explain this phenomenon.

28. Every dog owner knows this starter pack.

29. I recommend a diet higher in fiber. Maybe switch to Purina.

30. It’s called fashion, look it up.

31. Fur babies are babies too.

32. *smack smack smack* GOOB MORNTING HOOMAN

33. His name is Phillip and he’s half Filipino, thanks for asking.


35. That’ll show them.

36. Between the vest and the stink face, this dog could definitely be in the army.

37. I love walkies with my human.

38. Dogs are the cutest because they are so happy about the littlest things in life. We definitely can learn a lot from them.