BREAKING: Facebook to Charge $4.01/month Per Profile.

Bad news folks, the day we’ve always dreaded is here. It was announced earlier today that  Facebook plans to start charging per profile. This may come as a shock to many members of the social network who have vowed to never pay for service.

Charge for Facebook

From the Press Release:

Palo Alto, CA

Today, Facebook is proud to announce the new Premium Profile feature. For the affordable price of $4.01/month per profile users will experience a new level of Facebook. This will help offset the growing cost of services provided to users and assure the social network continues it’s growth potential. Users will be given the opportunity to opt-out and beginning summer 2011 it will become a mandatory requirement for all users including businesses and organizations.

Not all is lost friends, we’re beginning to come around to this idea. In theory, all of the “bad” things on Facebook could be eliminated because of this fee. There could be less advertising, better privacy, and more features. Plus, we can finally hold their customer service accountable for all the random bugs that pop up. Ultimately, this may be a good thing for Facebook. And, who honestly doesn’t have an extra $4.01 to spare per month?

What do you think of this?

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Hopefully this is the beginning of a great new era on Facebook!

Facebook is Free of Charge.

^From the Facebook homepage.

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