Funny Facebook Status Update of the day…

What’s with the constant status updates? I guess I just don’t care what people are doing every hour on the hour. There should be some kind of update limit. Is it a rule that you must disclose when you go to the gym? And everyone is always going to vegas. I’m at the gym. I’m in Vegas. I’m at the gym. I’m in Vegas. I’m at the gym in Vegas & I’m having french toast. Ill tell you if its any good in another update 5 mins from now.


  1. I actaully love to read the status that people display, some are wicked funny. Its just harmless fun but some people do get a bit carried away, updating their status every 15 minutes. You should not be friends with these people!

    I bought this wicked book on Amazon last week totally dedicated to Facebook status, called ‘is’. Have a look, it had me LMFAO for a few days.

    Here is the Amazon link:

    Love the site folks, keep up the good work

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