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My Pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard..


Never trade your Charizard..

20 Funny Status Updates Worth Stealing:

  1. “Don’t make me regret this.” -things I think when accepting a friend request.
  2. Did some financial planning and it looks like I can retire at 62 and live comfortably for eleven minutes.
  3. Am I the only one who calculates how much sleep I can get before I go to bed?
  4. At Starbucks I order under the name Dad. Then leave.
  5. A robber could make me hand over all of my money just by threatening to touch me with a dirty plunger.
  6. Finally realized why my plant sits around doing nothing all day. He loves his pot.
  7. “I ran a half marathon” sounds so much better than “I quit halfway through a marathon”
  8. Apparently taking a nap does not qualify as “doing some undercover work”
  9. Even I don’t take my relationship advice.
  10. Butt jiggle is just my way of waving goodbye.
  11. Girl messes up guy’s hair = cute. Guy messes up girl’s hair = murder victim.
  12. I bet giraffes don’t even know what farts smell like.
  13. Having to share a room with your spouse is absolute nonsense. Even kids get their own rooms
  14. Sometimes I just want to go where all the missing socks go.
  15. Dear middle finger, Thanks for sticking up for me.
  16. Well, another day has passed, and I didn’t use Algebra.
  17. Apparently every season is engagement season.
  18. A fun way to mess with a jogger is to run up along side them and say “I think we lost them.”
  19. I’m an open book, written in a language you don’t speak.
  20. Don’t quit your day dream

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