Beatboxing Prank, Smile Pup, & Top Status Updates

Some of the Top Status Updates for Facebook…

Funny Facebook Statuses:

  • “Username or Password Incorrect” … You couldn’t just tell me which one? (From our ★★★★★ iPhone App ★★★★★)
  • I wonder how many old people have died trying to cut open tennis balls to put on their walker.
  • How many livers do people have? I want to make sure I have a backup before I put this thing on Ebay.
  • It’s cute how insurance companies think funny commercials and catchy jingles will make us forget how much we hate them.
  • If someone were to secretly video record me when I think that nobody is around, I’m fairly certain that the recording could be used as evidence that I’m clinically insane.
  • Who else wakes up in the morning and check their Facebook like its the morning newspaper?
  • That awkward moment when someone asks you what’s wrong and they’re the problem
  • My alarm clock is clearly jealous of my amazing relationship with my bed. (101+Likes in 8minutes – Source: Funny Status Update Fan Page)
  • Few things make me feel lazier than being vacuumed around.
  • Having trouble with your iPhone saying “No Service”? Just put your shirt and shoes back on.
  • I knew that wouldn’t flush when I ate it.
  • I do my homework for a while then I reward myself a short break. The funny thing is that the break is never short.
  • Show me on this lemon where life gave it to you.
  • An email from my parents: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: Obama’s a Muslim
  • Typing a huge paragraph with your true feelings, but then erasing it and typing “yeah…”
  • There are two types of people in this world: those who know how to handle stress, and those who need bail money.  (VIA Twitter:@FreeFunnyStuff)
  • How do they fit all that money inside such a tiny credit card???
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A ridiculously happy puppy:

Happy Puppy

You can brighten any Facebook friends day by posting that one on your wall!

Beatboxing on a whole new level…


Your FB Friends will absolutely go nuts for that one! LOL 🙂

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