You Can’t Go Wrong With These 12 Hilarious Cat Memes!


Cats are some of the most naturally hilarious creatures known to man. Be it their adorable sass, quirky tendencies, and ability to be both extremely lazy and extremely energetic all in one day, they are hilarious nonetheless. Memes have taken the world by storm these past few years, and what could possibly be even better than a classic meme? Yes. You guessed it…a CAT MEME. We’ve compiled twelve of our most favorite cat memes below…

Cat Meme 1

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Any cat owner knows the reality that is in this statement…you could provide your cat with the best cat tree, scratcher, scratching post, or any other cat furniture out there, and your feline friend would still choose to take a quick snooze in the box it came in. Whether it’s the security that being enclosed by 4 sides provides or just a weird cat quirk, this cat meme does hold some comedic truth! 

Cat Meme 2

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, wait! It’s a cat! Here we have yet another cat in a box. Looking quite majestic, this cat boasts to its owner (and now the whole internet) just how impressive of an airplane it makes while donning that box. Cats are versatile creatures, as proven by the valiant cat-plane above. Give your cat a box and watch the transformation today!

Cat Meme 3

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Any cat owner knows and understands this cats’ excitement! Our furry feline friends have the uncanny ability to see an object not for what it is, but for what it could be if they pretend that it is a toy made specially for them. Ribbons, trash bags, Easter grass, necklaces, dust bunnies, bells…you name it, a cat can make a toy of it! The over-saturation of technology has not yet found its way into cat culture. They remain old fashioned!

Cat Meme 4

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Everybody knows one of the only things sassier than a teenage girl annoyed by her mom or a boy is a kitten with a fiery attitude and puffed-up tail! These attitudinal little felines are surely fired up about something, as displayed by their puffed tails and toothy snarls. Maybe their mom told them to lay off the catnip! They sure are perturbed about something.

Cat Meme 5

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What a purrrrfect little face to start out your day! When a cat gets hungry or decides they need something, they don’t care what time of day or night it is. You are their owner and they hold you accountable, so prepare for a wake up call at any time! Whether they are in pain, want food, or just a little bit of attention, be sure to show them a little bit of love.

Cat Meme 6

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HOW CUTE?!?!?!?!!!? These cute little fur-babies are adorable, and so is their imagined conversation! They would have no way of knowing that they in fact look exactly the same, and are both as equally as cute as the other. Their mother would be proud!

Cat Meme 7

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This cat sure knows how to strut its stuff! LOL…it’s even walking up on its two hind legs! As we discussed before, cats are some of the sassiest creatures known to man. Especially this one! We know that this cat is prideful and confident. I can only imagine what his friends are like!

Cat Meme 8

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As well as their sassy characteristics, cats tend to be some mighty possessive creatures. The cat here seems to have misinterpreted the lettering on the machine…CAT happens to be the name of the company, and the name of what this fellow is! Any opportunity to snatch something up this little buddy is willing to take. Apparently he needs this piece of heavy duty equipment!

Cat Meme 9

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Oh no…this cat seems to have found out about the great American past time of spending hours upon hours on the internet looking up cute cat videos and pictures. One might ask what the need is for this when there are creatures like this one out there that are willing to be cute and quirky in real life. The ones online aren’t the only ones that are adorable!

Cat Meme 10

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Neediness…yet another endearing quality of the feline species. This black and white kitty seems to have wedged himself just so in the plastic hanger. He appears unable to escape without some TLC from his owner. With that cute face of his, I’m sure his master probably didn’t mind lending him a helping hand!

Cat Meme 11

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Cats love to be comfortable, and this one certainly looks like it is all snug, safe, and sound! He’s managed to make a sweet nap spot in the egg carton next to the remaining eggs. You can find cats anywhere wedged, crammed, slithered into anything. Even this here egg carton!

Cat Meme 12

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Awww, look at this cutie! He seems a little too small to have already caught a mouse, but his cute little paws were too irresistible for the creators of this meme to pass up. His little tongue is sticking out and he looks a little sleepy…he seems to be in good hands of his owner who appears to be giving him a belly rub. Hopefully he was in for a nap!

If we missed any of your favorite cat memes, let us know and share them in the comments!