Headshot, Treadmill Cats, and Top Facebook Statuses

The best statuses this week…

Top Facebook Status Updates:

  1. My life has become a never ending game of ‘illegal or just frowned upon?
  2. The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.
  3. My advice for pretty much anything that’s broken is “did you try and jiggle it?”.
  4. I removed my windshield wipers and now I don’t get parking tickets. Suck it meter maids!
  5. I have a lot on my plate right now. Not busy, just hungry.
  6. Hey everyone, it’s raining! Time to start driving like you’re navigating through Outer Space!
  7. Idea to help fight the obesity epidemic in America: Force Walmart to keep their parking spaces at least 200 yards from their entrances.
  8. Some people just lack the ability to realize that everyone in the room wants them to shut up.
  9. Sorry homeless guy, didn’t mean to get your hopes up…I shouldn’t have started looking for my keys when I saw you.
  10. Is it just me or are there far fewer good climbing trees around these days?
  11. We all need to make a pact right now that there will be riots if Hollywood tries to remake The Goonies.
  12. Some girls put more effort into naming their Facebook photo albums than I put into my life.
  13. Some of the best decisions I’ve ever made involved me clicking cancel instead of send.
  14. Facebook is like a relationship, once you think you have it all figured out, everything changes.
  15. The awkward moment when you’re not sure if something is your actual memory or if your brain made it up.
  16. Try saying ‘Mmmmm’ for ten seconds whilst holding your nose, LIKE if you failed.
  17. If a man has more than 3 tattoos, he’s not allowed to tell you he has commitment issues.
  18. When buying a flat screen tv, always remember to put the box in your neighbor’s trash so you don’t get robbed.
  19. I bought condoms & the cashier said do you need a bag? I replied “No she isn’t that ugly”.
  20. “All you do is sit on that computer” Lies. I sit on the chair.

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Flawless Headshot:

Snowball fight involving a kitty.

Snowball fights are what winter was invented for 🙂 Sadly, this little guy lost! But, it certainly makes for some good comedy… a little snow to the face never hurt nobody. Plus, he nearly caught that sneaky snowball.

Cats Try To Figure Out Treadmill:


That.Was.Awesome. They are so curious and yet so confused. 2 minutes of generally confused kitties makes for pure comedic gold.  Share this epic viral cat video with your Facebook friends for instant LIKE-love.

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