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Creative Facebook Status Posts:

  1. That awkward moment when you’re at a red light & you look at the person next to you & they’re already looking at you.
  2. Instead of cashiers saying “here’s your receipt” they should say “will you throw this away for me?”
  3. Some days, I practice positive thinking. Other days, I’m not positive I am thinking.
  4. I just want a dog that will stay a puppy forever, is that a crime?
  5. Don’t you hate it when you type in your username and password without looking at the screen, then after you press enter, you realize the cursor is not even on the login screen? UGH!
  6. Before Facebook, I had told maybe six people “Happy Birthday,” ever.
  7. It doesn’t always pay to get up early. If you’re a worm, you just get eaten by that early bird. So sleep in, worms.
  8. You should probably first master the art of thinking “inside” the box.
  9. After filling up my gas tank, I realized that I didn’t want to eat for the rest of the week anyways.
  10. I love it when the person’s laugh is funnier than the actual joke.
  11. I made this status nice and short so you can just move onto the next one.
  12. You know you’re in the wrong part of town, when you start seeing pay phones…
  13. Blanket on .. too hot. Blanket off .. too cold, one leg out? PERFECT!
  14. Real men like curves; Only dogs like bones.
  15. Ladies, guys don’t want to know ANY details of your past boyfriends and as soon as you tell us we will forever hate any guy with that name.
  16. Life is like art done in chalk, beautiful but temporary, enjoy it while possible.
  17. Whose idea was it to “be an adult?”
  18. Likes doing tokyo drifts with the shopping carts when I round the corner of each isle at Walmart.
  19. Unless life also gives you sugar and water, your lemonade’s gonna suck!
  20. How can Mario smash through bricks yet he dies when he touches a freaking turtle!

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