Dem Eyes, Hold My Hand, & Weekend Status Updates

Make the weekend last, share these…

Top 20 Status Updates for the Weekend:

  1. How to sleep faster: Decorate your bedroom to look like a classroom.
  2. Don’t let little, stupid things break your happiness.
  3. I’m proficient in 3 languages: English, Profanity, and Sarcasm.
  4. That awkward moment when you’re trying not to look when someone is staring at you.
  5. Just leave it alone. If it’s meant to be, it will happen.
  6. People come and go in your life, but the right ones will always stay.
  7. Kids born in 2000 never have to worry about forgetting how old they are.
  8. A fart is merely the cry of an imprisoned turd.
  9. Skipping the first piece of bread to get to the real bread.
  10. The girl of my dreams spoke to me last night and confirmed she’s not planning on making an appearance into my real life any time soon.
  11. To make a lot of money is my one goal in life. Turns out my laziness and lack of ambition is a really good goalie.
  12. If the elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs . . . one step at a time.
  13. I’m sick of alcohol taking credit for all my best bad decisions.
  14. One does not simply sing Bohemian Rhapsody without singing the guitar part.
  15. Now you understand why Peter Pan didn’t want to grow up.
  16. School for 12 years, college for 4 years, then you work until you die. Cool.
  17. Those memories that you randomly remember and you can’t stop smiling.
  18. That fake laugh you do when you didn’t understand what someone was telling you.
  19. Good times + Crazy friends = Amazing memories.
  20. I don’t care how small that spider is. I want it dead.

Yesterdays Status Updates…

Dem Eyes!

dem eyes

Big ole puppy dog… I mean kitty cutie eyes!

Dog has to hold owners hand while he’s driving because she’s scared…


That was adorable! Pass it along if you enjoyed 🙂

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