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Happy Monday! Post these…

Funny Status Updates for Facebook:

  • Don’t underestimate me.  That’s my family’s job. (From our Funny Status Updates iPhone App ★★★★★)
  • I try to see the best in everyone. They, however, are trying harder to hide it from me.
  • Facebook. The brain laxative.
  • Humidity is Gods way of telling women they spent too much time on their hair this morning.
  • The 100m butterfly at the Olympics is not as terrifying as it sounds.
  • Don’t worry. When I snap you’ll be the first to go.
  • Sign on my office wall: “Be a team player, it diffuses the blame.”
  • My wife had auto correct long before iPhone.
  • I’m bored enough to clean.
  • People assume when I yawn that I’ve lost interest in what they have to say but truth be told, I was never interested.
  • Why is Facebook not real-life? People on here are far nicer than the morons you meet in reality. (Source: Funny Status Update Fan Page , 100+ LIKES in 9 minutes)
  • I know I’m drinking myself to a slow death. But, then again, I’m in no hurry.
  • Technically all breakfasts are continental, unless you eat them in the ocean.
  • Lowercase letters: just like uppercase letters, but without the drama.
  • I don’t recommend chasing your dreams. You’re in no shape to be running.
  • Talk about others and you’re a gossip. Talk about yourself and you’re a bore.
  • I don’t think so, people who are thinking so.
  • You only live once! So never, ever, do anything risky and mess this up.  (VIA Twitter:@FreeFunnyStuff)
  • The sooner you fall behind the more time you’ll have to catch up.
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Go on without me…

Go on without me...

LOL! Post that one on your Facebook wall and you’ll get tons of comments & LIKEs.

Happy dance will make your Monday better:


That makes for a great wall post.

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