2-Year Old Trick Shots, Husky Hoodie, and Best Status Updates

One of these will make you laugh…

20 Best Status Updates on Facebook:

  1. I’m really good at tripping over things that don’t exist.
  2. Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.
  3. I wish I could just “like” a text so I don’t have to respond.
  4. Breaking News: Baby found in the middle of the Meteorite crash site, he is miraculously unharmed. Wrapped in what seems to be a red cape.
  5. I wish there was an ” I don’t get it button.”
  6. That awkward moment when you just want to relax a few minutes on your bed and suddenly wake up three hours later.
  7. Sometimes in life, all you really need is a lot of money.
  8. What if the light we see at the end of the tunnel when we die is really us just being pushed out of the womb into our next life?
  9. Wal-Mart: Because going to Target requires a shower.
  10. “I wasn’t that drunk!” “Dude, you held up my cat in the air and started singing The Circle of Life!”
  11. If it goes without saying, I’ll probably say it.
  12. If the caller I.D. reads ‘unavailable’, then so am I.
  13. If you’re in love with 2 people, pick the second one, If you really loved the 1st, you wouldn’t have fallen for the 2nd.
  14. People who describe things as “better than sex” are having the wrong kind of sex.
  15. When your computer asks “Are you sure?”, it’s because it still remembers all of the other bad decisions you’ve made.
  16. Everyone has the one mysterious toothbrush in the bathroom that nobody in your house uses or knows anything about.
  17. I can’t believe the plural of moose isn’t meese.
  18. Taco Cat spelled backwards is Taco Cat. Ruh roh.
  19. The cop at your front door is never a stripper when you need him to be.
  20. I could take 5 minutes at once and unsubscribe to all these newsletters but I’ll just continue to take 2 seconds to delete them everyday.

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Husky in a Hoodie = Adorable

Husky in a Hoodie

My heart just melted…. Must, share!

2-Year Old Trick Shot Video:


This kid needs to be drafted already. That is pretty amazing no matter what way you look at it. One talented 2year-old, right there 🙂

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