Static Electricity Cat, Benjamin Franklins Schedule, and Clever Facebook Statuses

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Clever Status Updates for Facebook:

  1. Chips have little nutritional value. That’s why you need to eat the whole bag.
  2. That Awkward Moment when you are not sure if you actually have free time, or just forgetting everything.
  3. Education should be free for all people willing to learn!
  4. Becoming an adult is probably the dumbest thing I have ever done.
  5. I’m cleaning out my car today, just in case somebody needs 21 half-empty bottles of water.
  6. A best friend knows you’re sad.
    A best friend knows you’re mad.
    A best friend knows you’re crying.
    A best friend knows you’re lying.
  7. Yeah, there’s plenty of fish in the sea…. but there’s also sharks, seaweed and toxic waste.
  8. I wanna write “I miss you” on a rock and throw it at your face so you know how much it hurts to miss you.
  9. That annoying moment when people only respond to the last part of your text, and leave the first and middle parts unanswered.
  10. Life Tip: Get a birthday card with anything you are embarrassed to buy.
  11. I’m allowed to drink at 9am because that’s the kind of shit the Beastie Boys fought for.
  12. If you call me normal, you probably don’t know me.
  13. Missing someone has been proven to cause insomnia. Being frustrated because you’re without that special someone keeps you awake.
  14. You never really know someone until you break up with them. If they don’t go crazy and try to kill you than maybe you should give them a second chance.
  15. Someone needs to invent a DVR that records dreams.
  16. You’re the jelly to my burger, the knife to my soup, the glitter to my sushi, and the ketchup to my icecream. My point is, you’re worthless.
  17. If you’re telling me to relax, it’s probably your fault that I’m not.
  18. I hate that I always notice a typo when the text is already sending.
  19. “How are feeling today?” is a polite reminder that you were a mess the night before.
  20. Just once I’d like to learn something the easy way.

Yesterdays Status Updates…

Benjamin Franklin’s Schedule (Inspiring!)

Benjamin Franklins Schedule

We could all learn something from that genius!

Cat Learns about Static Electricity:


That guys laugh might be cooler than this video. But, still it’s pretty hilarious to see that balloon stuck to the belly of the kitty 🙂

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