Rubix Cube, Got Robbed, and That Awkward Superbowl.

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Awkward Superbowl Status Updates:

  1. Last great run by a Bronco was in 1994. By O.J. Simpson…
  2. This day needs more yesterday.
  3. Tip: if you’re going to call out sick, make sure your co-workers aren’t your FB friends and can see the pics you posted drunk last night
  4. She said: “I’m not looking for a relationship right now.” What she meant: “I’m holding out for an asshole who’s emotionally unavailable.”
  5. When you say “everything happens for a reason” and I kick you in your face; The reason is because you said that.
  6. After months of uninterrupted analysis, I am now prepared to conclude that, indeed, my laundry is not going to fold itself.
  7. I don’t trust people who don’t have middle names.
  8. The only thing I hate more than people who make fun of other people is people who don’t laugh when I do it.
  9. Proof that Karma exists: Richard Sherman.
  10. Groundhog didn’t see his shadow because Peyton Manning’s huge forehead was in the way. Retreated to its hole hole muttering omaha.
  11. Hardest thing to answer: Describe yourself.
  12. Getting older is scary … Can I STOP???
  13. “Hi, is Eli there?” – Papa John
  14. Does this mean Washington has better pot than Colorado?
  15. Omaha, we have a problem.
  16. If only the state of Colorado had a way of mitigating its pain right now…
  17. Facebook is madder about the Super Bowl than if Obama won a third term.
  18. Well at least the puppy bowl was a competitive game
  19. Lets be honest, this is the best day of Eli Manning’s life
  20. I’m enjoying this new Super Bowl format where one team plays one night and the other team, I assume, will play tomorrow night.

Yesterdays Status Updates…

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Now that was impressive!

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