Relationships, Puppy Attack, and Clever Status Posts

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20 Clever Facebook Status Posts:

  1. Hell hath no fury like me when I’m slightly inconvenienced and hungry.
  2. I’m in shape. Unfortunately that shape is a potato.
  3. Meeting someone with the same music taste is seriously the best thing ever.
  4. Life tip: do not have emotions
  5. It would be so cool to be able to see an album of all the pictures you’ve accidentally photobombed in public.
  6. A Frozen sequel? Let it go.
  7. I wonder what Facebook employees do at work to waste time.
  8. Sometimes the best way to apologize to someone is to simply stay the f*ck away from them, Forever.
  9. If you think I’m mad at you, you’re probably right and should just get me a puppy as soon as possible.
  10. Just when you thought you couldn’t eat any more….LEFTOVERS.
  11. A yawn is a silent scream for coffee.
  12. I can’t wait to spend all my gift giving money on myself this year.
  13. That awkward moment when a nap becomes sleep and you wake up confused about what year you’re in.
  14. If hearing “I love you” was enough, we’d all buy parrots and live happily ever after.
  15. Setting the alarm clock proves I’m capable of making the same mistake every day.
  16. Perhaps we should hold elections on the last Friday of November, with polling stations at Walmart, Target and Apple.
  17. Sometimes people try to expose what’s wrong with you, because they can’t handle what’s right about you.
  18. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a huge house and cry in any room you like.
  19. If only there was a way to voice a highly uneducated opinion to thousands of people on a regular basis.
  20. To whoever finds the $20 I dropped: spend it on alcohol. It’s what I would have wanted.

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