Pure Happiness, Being Hangry, and Best Weekend Status Updates.

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20 Best Status Updates from this Weekend:

  1. The only reason they make yellow starbursts is for when someone asks you if they can have one of your starbursts.
  2. I should go to sleep but the Internet needs me.
  3. Mission Impossible? He’s done four of them now. Let’s call it “Mission Pretty Hard but Ultimately Doable”
  4. I love how old people see me as a technology prodigy. So much praise just for saving a picture to their computer’s desktop.
  5. Dating an ex is the equivalent of failing a test you already had the answers to.
  7. Car alarms but for when people get too close to you.
  8. I hope to get to the point in my life where I’m not excited about finding change on the ground.
  9. Sometimes you can tell it’s going to be a bad day when someone you don’t like is smiling.
  10. “You’re shitting me!” – Everything you eat.
  11. I tell people that the secret ingredient in my cookies is “love,” but it’s actually “floor”
  12. Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.
  13. Why are there so many commercials for toilet paper? Who is not buying it?
  14. The easiest way to get a woman’s full attention is to ignore her. That shit really motivates us.
  15. Last person to like this wins a prize.
  16. In terms of procrastination, I had a very productive day.
  17. It’s tough being a people person when you can’t stand most people.
  18. Unless you’re music, I don’t want to listen to you.
  19. Sure you can touch my phone. I have nothing to hide … except your dead body if you do.
  20. I’m convinced that the employees of Ikea were just used to be customers who didn’t know how to get out and just gave up.

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Pure Happiness = Husky + Massage


Doesn’t get much happier than that! It’s crazy how much that Dog likes it 🙂

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