Polar Bears 1st Steps, Waldo Friends, and Best Status Updates.

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Top 20 Best (Most Liked) Status Updates from this week:

  1. Every day after lunch I get a little sad because the food is over.
  2. PT Cruisers: The Nickelback of cars.
  3. Midnight snack? More like Midnight 3 Course Meal…with dessert.
  4. Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what’s coming next.
  5. What I do when I can’t hear someone…
    1. Tell them I can’t hear them.
    2.Move closer so I can hear.
    3. Repeatedly shout WHAT?!
    4. Laugh, and hope it wasn’t a question.
  6. Sometimes I check my messages to make sure I still have none.
  7. Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? Because if it’s bothering you, I’ll stop.
  8. Am I the only one that when somebody says “10 years ago”, thinks about 90’s instead of 2004?
  9. Planning on putting faux engagement rings in couples drinks on Valentines Day and watching the magic unfold.
  10. Burger King is offering delivery service in some areas. I don’t trust it. Everyone knows it’s impossible to drive without eating the fries.
  11. 10 million people share the same birthday as you. Your personalized horoscope means shit.
  12. If you emphasize the ‘po’ in police they’re probably already after you.
  13. Instead of knowing what the #1 song was when you were born it would be cool if it could tell you what the #1 song will be when you die. That way when you start hearing it on the radio, you’ll know that the end is near.
  14. The only way to communicate with a drunk person is to get hammered too.
  15. Don’t you hate it when spiders bite you and you get like zero superpowers?
  16. If you say “Raise Up Lights” you just said “Razor Blades” in an Australian accent.
  17. Why is it that people who drink energy drinks seem like the people with the least amount of stuff going on?
  18. You’re not a hoe? So are you like a volunteer prostitute?
  19. It’s too bad you can’t punch someone’s personality.
  20. Your way sounds really slow. I’m going with the highway.

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