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Funny Status Updates for Facebook:

  • I’m not addicted to Facebook. I only tweet when I have time: lunch time, break time, off time, this time, that time, any time, all the time. (From our ★★★★★ iPhone App ★★★★★)
  • That awkward moment when two people start a conversation on your facebook status.
  • Life is full of lessons that were taught on the day that I missed class.
  • The last time someone told me I looked hot it was 102 degrees outside.
  • Love is a universal language that even the smartest people are unable to read.
  • My body is less beefcake and more cheesecake.
  • Textaphrenia – thinking you’ve heard or felt a new text message vibration when there is no message. (180+Likes in 16minutes – Source: Funny Status Update Fan Page)
  • In September if something smells funny, it’s probably you.
  • I try to see the best in everyone. They, however, are trying harder to hide it from me.
  • LIKE IF you get anxiety because you’ve run out of clever ways to wish people happy birthday on Facebook.
  • That horrible feeling you get when You know you’re forgetting something , But you don’t know what.
  • You ever notice “q”, “p”, “b” and “d” is the same letter but with a different angle.
  • LIKE If you spend your time imagining stuff that’ll never happen.
  • Never say “that won’t happen to me!”, because life has a funny way of proving us wrong.
  • Saying “oh!” like you get it. But you still have no idea.
  • I have faith in fools. My friends call it self-confidence.
  • Knowledge is power, and power corrupts. So study hard and be evil. (VIA Twitter:@FreeFunnyStuff)
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Ladies & Gentlmen, I give you a naked Llama:

Naked llama

Haha, he sure is a funny looking fella’ post that on a friends wall for some great reactions.

Weird Japanese Milk Commercial…


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