Herding Sheep, Real Transformer, & Funny Facebook Statuses

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Funny Status Updates for Facebook:

  • Common sense is so rare it should be classified as a super power.  (From our 4.5 Star Rated: Funny Status iPhone App ★★★★★)
  • Every now and then I stop and think “I know you can hear my thoughts”. Just in case…
  • Whenever I see fishies in a tank, I feel the need to poke the glass and scare them.
  • NO Adobe, I don’t EVER want to update so KNOCK it off!!!!
  • Spend life with the people who make you happy, not the people who you have to impress.
  • Crap happens, just flush it and move on.
  • You’ve got a face even an Instagram filter couldn’t fix.
  • Young enough to know I can, old enough to know I shouldn’t, stupid enough to do it anyway.  (218+LIKEs in 7 mins – Source: Funny Status Update Fan Page )
  • LIKE IF you ever got caught in those “This is not what it looks like” moments.
  • Reading a book & having to reread the same paragraph over and over because your thoughts are too distracting.
  • I can’t live without: ✔ Food ✔ Music ✔ Oxygen ✔ Water ✔ Internet ❒ You
  • I hate liars, hypocrites, & people who take advantage of people who care about them.
  • Dating your Ex again is like buying your clothes back from Goodwill. There’s a reason you got rid of it in the first place.
  • Jessica Simpson had her baby. Apparently, Kanye busted into the delivery room and said Beyonce had the best baby of all time.
  • Rotating Your Dinner Plate, To Get A Better Look At The Situation.   (VIA our Twitter: @FreeFunnyStuff )

This Little Girl is a REAL Transformer:

Real Transformer

LOL! Now that is awesome, I can only hope my kid is half as cool as that! (Source: IMGUR)

Border Collies Herding Sheep:


Wow! Now that’s a hard working animal 🙂 Share with your Facebook friends for some instant LIKE-ability.

Bonus Viral Video: Lady interrupts news report to HOCK a LOOGIE… alot.

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