Good Guy Train, Best Friends, & Top 15 Status Posts.

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Top 15 Status Posts this week on Facebook:

  1. Who else wakes up in the morning and checks their Facebook like its the morning paper? (iPhone App: Funny Status 2 ★★★★★ 185 Ratings)
  2. Key to a Happy Life: Get a job where people ask, “You actually get paid for doing this?”
  3. Boys, if you don’t look like Calvin Klein models, don’t expect us to look like Victoria’s Secret Angels.
  4. Care too little, You’ll lose them. Care too much, you’ll get hurt.
  5. I hate it when my computer fails to anticipate what I meant to do. Isn’t this the future already?
  6. Old songs = Best memories.
  7. If spiders ever realize that people are terrified of them, we’re screwed. (As seen on Funny Status Fan Page )
  8. On average a Toyota Prius has more bumper stickers than any other car.
  9. LIKE if you can’t get that person off your mind.
  10. That was a bad weekend for Armstrongs!
  11. It’s no coincidence that “Studying” is like putting “Students” and “Dying” together.
  12. When people post statuses like “Don’t text or call me! Bad mood!” Um, no one was ever going text/call you in the first place. Just sayin’
  13. Best Relationship Advice: Make sure you’re the crazy one.
  14. I’ll believe anything you say if it’s with a British accent. (VIA Twitter: @FreeFunnyStuff )
  15. That awkward moment when when someone who has hated you forever is suddenly nice to you, and you don’t know how to react.

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An unlikely group of best friends….

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Train lead singer pulls a very honorable maneuver:


Mad respect for that thoughtful move. If more people just took care of each other this world would be a better place. Let’s spread the love of this amazing viral video by sharing it on Facebook.

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