Doggy Pool, Dancing Monkey, and Clever Statuses

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Clever Facebook Statuses:

  1. Enjoy life! For a limited time only. While supplies last.
  2. Don’t expect a “bless you” after the 4th sneeze…gather yourself!
  3. That awkward moment when you’re introduced to someone and they’re like, “I’ve heard so much about you!”
  4. eat → ↓ eat
    eat ↑ ← eat
  5. Why insult someone??  Simply say something nice in a very sarcastic tone, they probably won’t understand anyways.
  6. If Leonardo da Vinci posted the Mona Lisa on Instagram today, it would get 30 likes, tops.
  7. People are so funny. They spend money they don’t have, to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t even like. Never ceases to amaze me.
  8. Have you ever just sat their and realized how weird you are?
  9. I don’t understand why people take pictures of themselves showing their middle finger… seriously, was the camera mean to you or something?
  10. Some people wait their entire life for their ship to come in, not realizing that they are standing in an airport.
  11. This recliner and I go WAY back!
  12. Minding your own business then hearing your name in a conversation.
  13. All the landmarks and millions of beautiful places on Google Earth, and the first thing everyone looks at is their own house.
  14. I can’t even make a straight line using a ruler, why do people expect so much from me?
  15. My favorite insect is the fly because its name is what it does.
  16. Google this number: 241543903. Then click Image Search. Then stick your head in a freezer, apparently.
  17. Thumbs wars just dont have the decision making power they used to.
  18. Lazy Rule: If it falls under the bed, it’s gone. Forever.
  19. Liking something on Facebook instead of commenting is like nodding at someone in an elevator instead of saying hello.
  20. When grown-ups tell kids they have a lot of energy, they really mean that they’re being annoying little bastards.

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Monkey does a little dance:

dancing monkey

Walking tight rope is an art and this guy’s obviously mastered it!

Dog Plays 8-Ball Pool:


Well done, chap! You’re an exceptional snooker player. If you enjoyed that video, share it!

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