Dog Vs. Leafblower (Video)

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Hilarious Facebook Statuses:

  1. Nicknames are WAY more fun when people don’t know they have them.
  2. Disappointed to learn that ‘landlady’ isn’t the opposite of a mermaid.
  3. I party until the taxi with the pretty red and blue lights picks me up.
  4. Apparently you have to go to the gym more than once to get in shape, what the heck.
  5. It’s a good thing the fate of mankind doesn’t depend on me turning on the correct stove-top burner on my first try.
  6. A woman’s anger is like a check engine light; there’s no pleasant way to determine what caused it, so just ignore it and hope it goes away.
  7. When I die, I’d like the word ‘Humble’ to be written. …….on my statue.
  8. OMG! I went shopping because I needed a skirt and these earings were on special so I bought four new pairs of shoes!
  9. The awkward moment when you catch yourself singing a song that you’re supposed to hate.
  10. My internet was down for 5 minutes so I went downstairs and spoke to my family… They seem like nice people.
  11. Can I unfollow my problems?
  12. Why I don’t like people: 1% logical reasons. 99% just because.
  13. Saying “you’re welcome” really loud when someone doesn’t say “thanks”.
  14. Do the Chinese realize that when they’re visiting America, they buy souvenirs made in their own country?
  15. A walk of shame is always sad. Don’t make it worse by adding the sound of Flip flops to it.
  16. Hey there, vegan on an iphone, do you know how many monkeys got shot into space so you could enjoy satellite technology?
  17. The problem with this generation boils down to this one thing: Their cartoons suck.
  18. I’m going to be very busy in the afterlife. The list of people I’m going to haunt grows every day.
  19. Thinking about moving to Alabama just so I don’t have to scroll through all those other states when I sign up for websites.
  20. A movie ticket for baby should cost at least $50.

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Dog Vs. Leafblower (Video):


LOL! That dog sure hates that leafblower, especially now 🙂

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