Dancing Cow, Algebra, and Witty Status Posts

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Top 20 Witty Weekend Status Posts:

  1. A foot away from me it’s very cold outside… thank you house.
  2. Art is how we decorate space; music is how we decorate time.
  3. Don’t call me. Alcohol you later!
  4. my hobbies:
    – switching between the same three apps for hours
    – imagining myself in situations that will literally never exist
  5. Have you ever been so mad that you were calm?
  6. Cold? Try Netflix. You’ll still be cold, but you’ll be watching Netflix.
  7. I run because I really like pizza and beer.
  8. It’s true, alcohol kills people. But how many people were born because of it?
  9. If everyone was required to work in a customer service role for at least 6 months when they reached the age of 18, the world would be either a better place or a terrible place. You decide.
  10. Anger is a valuable tool. Nothing has done more to change this world for the better than someone who is pissed off at the way things are.
  11. Just blew the sugar off my donut… Dieting is hard!
  12. A garage sale is actually a Garbage sale but the “b” is silent.
  13. There may be no excuse for laziness, but I’m still looking.
  14. People who leave the clicking noise on when texting, who hurt you?
  15. If anybody in North America needs a napkin, hit me up. I should have enough in my car’s glovebox for each of you.
  16. Social media has completely changed the way we wait.
  17. Relationship status: I make my own sandwiches.
  18. Before coffee: Hates everybody.
    After coffee: Feels good about hating everybody.
  19. Of all the Spice Girls, Ginger Spice was the only one named after a spice.
  20. The government takes your rights away and sells them back to you in the form of a permit.

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Dancing Cow in Grocery Store..


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