Chewbacca Dog, Drake Minaj, and Top Weekend Statuses

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Top 20 Weekend Status Updates:

  1. Trying to remain humble but I’m the most famous person in my living room right now.
  2. I’m so hungry I could Instagram a horse.
  3. You know nothing about a woman until she’s drunk and mad at you
  4. Watching Netflix before going to bed is the adult equivalent of being read a bedtime story.
  5. You call them French Fries…I call them Edible Ketchup Shovels.
  6. Proper grammar makes you way more attractive.
  7. Condoms: 99% effective. Birth control pills: 99% effective. Crocs: 110% effective.
  8. “Hey, it’s been 30 seconds, go check your phone again.” – My Brain
  9. What did the mermaid wear to her math class? An algae bra.
  10. I can’t commit to making a commitment or not making a commitment or deciding not to even decide to make a commitment.
  11. Late to bed and early to rise, makes me really tired and pissed off.
  12. You know that garbage can right next to Oscar the Grouch’s garbage can? That’s where he takes the ladies.
  13. I still think Perez Hilton getting tasered would be the most watched YouTube video of all time.
  14. I’m so athletic. I surf… the internet.
  15. Do you want to be right or happy?
  16. Talking louder does not make you any less wrong.
  17. Skinny jeans should not have pockets.
  18. Fortune cookie: Some good things will happen to you and then some bad things will happen. It’ll pretty much continue like this until you die.
  19. Ever want to go up to a stranger and say “please don’t wear that in public”
  20. Don’t make me use UPPERCASE.

Yesterdays Status Updates…

Thought they looked familiar…

Yup, that’s about right 😉

Chewbacca Dog:


It literally sounds like Chewie! I want one 🙂 Share if you enjoyed!

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