Boxed Kitty, Penguin Attack, & Like-able Status Posts

Step your statuses up, share these…

LIKE-able Status Posts:

  • That awkward moment when your sarcasm is so advanced, people actually think you are stupid. ( Funny Status iPhone App ★★★★★)
  • Say this fast: I, 1, 2, 1/2, 6.
  • Who is “feat.” and why is he in every song?
  • People don’t change, they just become a clearer version of who they really are.
  • 7 things I look for in someone: Beautiful, Intelligent, Gentle, Thoughtful, Innocent, Trustworthy, Sensible.
  • Behind every girl’s favorite song is an untold story.
  • For the love of everything, ASK me, don’t AXE me!
  • Can you LIKE this status with your elbow? (no cheating)  (Source: Funny Status Update Fan Page )
  • It’s a crazy day when guys wanna see a movie about a teddy bear and girls wanna see a movie about strippers.
  • Facebook is my new “back of the cereal box.”
  • Why isn’t “cheating” a relationship status on Facebook?
  • Fat, single and ready for a pringle!
  • Bro’s before hoes, not bro’s over your girlfriend.
  • “Wow you’re cool.” LIKE if you read that in a sarcastic voice. (VIA Twitter: @FreeFunnyStuff )
  • There’s nothing more satisfying than making a funny nickname for a friend and having it really stick.

It’s a Cat in a Box:

Cat in a Box

Just taking a nap, don’t worry 😉 Put your mouse cursor over the image to 1-click share this on your Facebook page. You’ll be surprised how many likes you get! (via imgur)

When Penguins Attack:


Haha! How adorable and just a tad bit scary (for that guy). Post this awesome Youtube gem on your Timeline for tons of likes, comments, and debate.

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